A number of people work and conduct research in the LVC Lab.  Much of our work focuses on sociolinguistic and sociophonetic variation, but a unifying theme centers on the empirical study of variable features of human language.  For more information and recent publications, visit our publications page.

Lab members

  • Tyler Kendall, PhD (Director) [ Lab website | Main website ]
  • Charlie Farrington, PhD [ Lab website ]
  • Kaylynn Gunter (PhD Student) [ Lab website ]
  • Shelby Arnson (PhD Student) [ Lab website ]
  • Chloe Tacata (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Jaidan McLean (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Faculty Collaborators

Lab alumni/ae

  • Jason McLarty, PhD (now Visiting Assistant Professor at Emory University) [Emory University]
  • Brooke Josler (Research Assistant) [Lab website]
  • Ivanete Mileski (PhD Student at PUCRS | Visiting lab member in Fall 2015 ) [ Research Gate site ]
  • Danielle Barth, PhD (now ANU) [ site ]
  • Prakaiwan Vajrabhaya, PhD (now PostDoc at RWTH Aachen University)
  • Nathan Severance, MA
  • Craig Fickle, BA (Undergraduate research assistant 2012-2013, graduated 2013)
  • Jess Williams (Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-2018)
  • Emma Mullen (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Lucas Jensen (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

LVC lab members at LSA 2018!


The LVC crew attends a Eugene Emeralds game