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The LVC Lab is home to a number of research projects.  Here are a few – see the links under the main Research menu for more information about these and other projects.  And see the speech data management page for information about those related efforts.

Enhancing data and tools for research and education on African American English

Funded by NSF grant BCS-1358724

The newest funded project at the LVC Lab is developing public resources and tools for improving research on and education about African American English.  This project is in its beginning phases and employment and research opportunities exist for interested undergraduate students.  Please contact Tyler if you are interested in learning about these opportunities.

The interplay of production and perception in sound changes affecting US English

Funded by NSF grant BCS-1122950; collaborative research with Dr. Valerie Fridland, University of Nevada, Reno

The LVC Lab is the University of Oregon home for this grant funded research, which investigates the relationship between the production and perception of ongoing US vowel shifts at both the community and individual level.

See the project website at for more information.

Language and life in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

The LVC Lab is also the main base of operations for a line of sociolinguistic research on the past, present, and future of dialects in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. This research consists of the sociophonetic analysis of archival recordings, community-based sociolinguistic projects, and laboratory-based recordings in the Lab itself.  We also regularly conduct research projects on language and life in the PNW with the Linguistics 491 course.  See McLarty et al. 2014 “Perhaps we used to, but we don’t anymore: The Habitual Past in Oregonian English” for a recent publication based on some of this research.

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