GEO Announces $20,000 in New, Dedicated Funding for Partner-Only Scholarships!

Beginning in January 2018, Global Education Oregon (GEO) is pleased to announce a new annual allocation of $20,000 in scholarships available exclusively to our partner institutions, a significant increase in funding intended to benefit your students!

What’s new?

  • Our most popular scholarship, GEO Ambassador, was previously awarded on a sliding scale from $500-$1500, depending on time of year; starting in 2018, however, all partner students awarded a GEO Ambassador scholarship will automatically receive $1000, including for summer terms. As summer programs are consistently our most popular programs, we are certain this increase in funding will allow better access to these opportunities for students. Expect to see this change implemented for summer 2018.
  • GEO is expanding the applicant eligibility for the GEO Ambassador scholarship! Previously, students were requested to submit a multimedia project proposal; this option is still open, but there is now also the possibility for students to serve as true GEO “ambassadors” on your campus. Perhaps you have a student who is skilled at public speaking or wants to work in your office as a peer advisor – let’s work together to make use of those skills and offer them a scholarship in the process!
  • Our popular Map Your Future scholarship, dedicated to first-year students who want to get a jump on planning for their education abroad, is also included in the increased funding for partner students, and we would love to see more applications. Encourage your first year students to apply for this $1000 planning scholarship by May 1, 2018, and remember: they don’t need to choose the term or GEO program before applying! Once awarded the scholarship, the student has access to it at any time until they graduate, for whichever GEO program they select. Now that’s money in the bank!

To quickly summarize these exciting changes, GEO is:

1) Dedicating $20,000 annually to partner-only scholarships to increase award access and amounts for your students,

2) Making all GEO Ambassador scholarships $1000 and allowing students to either submit a multimedia project proposal or a request to serve as an ambassador on their campus, and

3) Inviting more applications for the Map Your Future scholarship dedicated to first-year partner students, a $1000 award reserved for them to use at any time and for any GEO program until they graduate.

The deadlines for summer scholarships are approaching quickly, so be sure to spread the word to your students and have them visit to get their application started!