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UO Blogs maintenance on Nov. 3

On Sunday, Nov. 3, from 1am to 5am PST, all UO Blogs sites will be in read-only mode while CampusPress performs maintenance. Sites will remain publicly accessible, but site administrators, contributors, and others won’t be able to update content during that time. People who log in to UO Blogs during that time will see a notification about this.

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UO Blogs now on WordPress 5.1.1

UO Blogs was upgraded to WordPress 5.1.1 on Sunday, April 28, 2019.

Creators and administrators of blog sites at UO Blogs are encouraged to check their sites to ensure they’re still working properly.

* * *

Here are some highlights of WordPress 5.1.1:

New Editing Interface (Optional)

The new “Block Editor” (a.k.a. “Gutenberg”) is now available as an optional alternative to the existing (“Classic”) editing interface:

The Classic Editor will remain the default for UO Blogs. To enable the Block Editor on your site, go to the site’s Dashboard, hover over Settings, click on Writing, and select Block Editor.

CampusPress says: “[W]e think that most users will find [the Block Editor] easy to use and in the end, it is a better editing experience for WordPress.”

Improved File Uploads

Extra numbers and letters will no longer be added to the names of uploaded files.

New Default Theme

New UO Blogs sites will now use WordPress’s Twenty Nineteen theme by default:

* * *

Help with UO Blogs

If you have any questions or notice problems with your site, please submit a help request through the UO Service Portal:

  1. Go to the “Web Development & Hosting” service entry:
  2. Click the green “Request Help” button.
  3. Log in with your Duck ID.
  4. Complete the form. (Where specified, select “Help with an existing website,” then select “UO Blogs” as your web hosting solution.)
  5. Click the green “Request” button.
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