All events at the University of Oregon in Portland, unless otherwise noted.


3:30p                   REGISTRATION OPENS

5:30-5:35p          PRESIDENTIAL WELCOME                                                   Room 144
Michael H. Schill, President and Professor of Law, University of Oregon (UO)

5:35-7:00p        2017 LEONARDO DA VINCI LECTURE                            Room 144
Introduction: Douglas Blandy, Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, University of Oregon
Fritjof Capra, The Center for Ecoliteracy and Schumacher College, United Kingdom
“What is Life? A Systems View”

• Artists: Leonardo da Vinci (Royal Collection Trust, UK), Carla Bengtson (with Peter Wetherwax, Biology), Ryan Neil (Bonsai Mirai), and Gary Tepfer (Photography); Curator: Jeremy Swartz


7:30a                       REGISTRATION OPENS

8:30-8:45a            WELCOME AND SPECIAL GUEST                                    Room 144
Janet Wasko, Knight Chair in Communication Research/Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs & Research, UO

Jakob von Uexküll, Founder, World Future Council, Germany and Right Livelihood Award, Sweden
“Sustainable Policy Solutions for Future Generations”

8:45-10:00a          PLENARY #1: Ecology and Sustainability                   Room 144

Introduction: Regina Lawrence, George S. Turnbull Portland Center/Agora Journalism Center, University of Oregon
Jussi Parikka, Technological Culture & Aesthetics, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
“The Life of Dead Media”

• Toby Miller, Media & Creative Industries, Loughborough University London, United Kingdom
“Anthropocentrism versus Ecocentrism”

10:15-11:30a      PANELS

Ecoliteracy                                                                                                                      Room 144
Chair: Renee Hobbs, Communication Studies, University of Rhode Island

Stephen Rust, English/Cinema Studies, University of Oregon
“Ecomedia Studies: New Challenges for a Burgeoning Field”
Jason Paolo Telles, Broadcast Communication, University of the Philippines Baguio, Philippines
“Indigenous Ecomedia as a Source of Alternative Eco-perspectives: The Case of Igorot Music Videos”
Lillian Deeb, Communication, Simon Fraser University, Canada
“Dissolving Dualism: Elucidating the Relationship Between Nature and Technology”
Robert Jensen, Journalism, University of Texas at Austin
“Going Ecospheric”

Indigenous                                                                                                                         Room 150
Chair: Torsten Kjellstrand, Journalism, University of Oregon

Tana Atchley (Modoc/Paiute/Karuk), Tribal Workforce Development & Outreach Coordinator, Watershed Department, Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission
“STEM Education, Fish, and Tribes’ Futures”
Ashley Cordes (Coquille, Coos Bay), Media Studies/Margaret Weise Graduate Research Award, University of Oregon
“Stories and Landscapes of the Rogue River War and Indigeneity”

Lifeworlds                                                                                                                          Room 152
Chair: David Frank, Rhetoric/Clark Honors College, University of Oregon

Kathleen Ryan, Journalism, University of Colorado Boulder
“Symbolic Resistance of Pin Up: The Social Media Life of a Subculture”
Phil Oppenheim, Chief Curator, Comic-Con/Lionsgate SVOD Channel
“You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet: Al Jolson and the bcle of Media Life, Death, and Rebirth”
Eileen Meehan, Radio, Television, & Digital Media, Southern Illinois University
“A Song, A Magazine, and Tough”
Meng Li, Communication Studies, Loyola Marymount University, California
“Mediating Ritual: Spring Festival Homecoming as Lifeworld Re-embedment”

Data                                                                           Wayne Morse Suite Room 302, Floor 3
Chair: John Russial, Journalism, University of Oregon

Karen McEwan, Information, University of Toronto, Canada
“Insurance: Big Data and the Algorithmic Mediation of Life”
Christopher St. Louis, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“The Body in the Network: The Data Double and the Disciplined Internet User”
David Squires, English and Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation, Washington State University
“Computer, But More So: Autism and Artificial Intelligence”
Joshua Reeves, New Media Communications and Speech Communication, Oregon State University
“Screening Life: Surveillance and Suicide Prevention”

Installations                                                                   Turnbull Classroom 346, Floor 3R
Chair: Jeremy Swartz, Media Studies/ICDS, University of Oregon

Carla Bengtson, Department Head/Swindells Chair, Art, University of Oregon
Ryan Neil, Bonsai Mirai and The Artisans Cup Retrospective, Portland
Gary Tepfer, Photography, Eugene, Oregon
Cris Moss, Gallery Director and Curator, White Box, University of Oregon

Media                                                             Shirley Papé Forum Room 350, Floor 3R
Chair: Thomas H. Bivins, John L. Hulteng Chair in Media Ethics & Responsibility/Media Studies, University of Oregon

Erik Palmer, Convergent Media and Digital Arts, Southern Oregon University
“Skin, Bone, Blood, Pixel: Toward a Philosophy of Media Photography in the Digital Age”
Chris Chavez, Advertising/Media Studies, University of Oregon
“NPR and the Linguistic Ideologies of Public Radio”
Seongbin Hwang, Sociology/Communication and Media Studies, Rikkyo University, Japan
“How the Internet and Social Media Have Changed the Lifeworld of News Media and Public Agenda?: Japanese Case”
Vincent Meserko, Communication Studies, California Polytechnic State University
“A Soulful Attunement: Rhetoric’s Sonic Turn at Stax and Daptone Records”

11:45a-1:00p     LUNCH & PLENARY #2: Ecocriticism and Harmony   Room 144

Introduction: Nina Amstutz, History of Art and Architecture, University of Oregon
Salma Monani, Environmental Studies, Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania
“From Eco to D-eco: Indigenous Fictional Film Mediates Life’s ‘Wicked Problems’”

Diane Durston, Arlene Schnitzer Curator of Culture, Art & Education, Portland Japanese Garden
“Living in Harmony with Nature: The Japanese Garden and the Concept of Satoyama”

1:15-2:30p         PANELS

Biology                                                                                                                               Room 144
Chair: Rebecca Force, Journalism, University of Oregon

Marie-Pierre Hasne, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Oregon Health & Science University
“Life and the Necessity of Limits”
Nicolae Morar, Philosophy/Environmental Studies/Biology, University of Oregon
“Genetic Complexity and Enhancement: Taking Biology Seriously”
Harsha Gangadharbatila, Advertising, Public Relations & Media Design, University of Colorado Boulder
“What Do We Know About Biohacking?”
Lucas Nebert, Biology/Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Oregon
“Seeds as a Means of Hologenomic Inheritance”

Asia                                                                                                                                       Room 150
Chair: Sung Park, Multimedia Journalism, University of Oregon

Xiaoxing Zhang, Communication, Simon Fraser University, Canada
“A Dreamland or the Land of Broken Dreams: Juxtaposed Imaginations of the Good Life in Heyang”
Sibo Chen, Social Science and Humanities, Simon Fraser University, Canada
“Toward Multiple Conceptions of Human-Nature Relationship: ‘Mother Nature’ Found in a Chinese Village”
Ying-Fen Huang, Communication, Fraser International College/Simon Fraser University, Canada
“Agrarian Justice: Land, Peasant’s Movement and Class Alliance”
Mei-Ling Hsu, Journalism, and Tsung-Jen Shih, International Communication, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
“What Motivates People to Engage in Individual vs. Civic Level of Pro-environmental Actions in a Time of Climate Change? – The Roles of Communication, Perception and Belief in an East-Asian Context”

Health                                                                                                                                  Room 152
Chair: Holly Arrow, Psychology/Institute of Cognitive & Decision Sciences, UO

Colin Bested, Philosophy/Association of Philosophy Students, University of Toronto, Scarborough, Canada
“Life in an ‘Always-0n Culture’”
Ana Luisa Ramirez, Psychology and Communication, Texas A&M International University
“Work Life Experiences of Medical Practitioners in the Border Region of Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas”
Michael Korngut, Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, Canada
“Self-Help Gurus in the Post-Truth and ‘Pre-Truth’ Eras”
Nancy Santos, Communications/Border & Latin American Media Studies, Texas A&M International University
“‘Breast Cancer is Not a Pink Ribbon’: The Scar Project and the Politicization of Disability”

(Life After) Prohibition                                     Wayne Morse Suite Room 302, Floor 3
Chair: Charlie Butler, Journalism/Media and Social Action Academic Residential Community, University of Oregon

Alan Hanson, General Counsel, Maps Credit Union, Salem, Oregon
Danica Hibpshman, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Portland, Oregon
Amy T. Margolis, Margolis Legal / Greenspoon Marder, Portland, Oregon
Ryan Michael, Kind Tyme (design, development, marketing, strategy), Portland
Tanesha Smelser, Forrest Initiative, Portland, Oregon

Food                                                                                    Turnbull Classroom 346, Floor 3R
Chair: David Koranda, National Education Executive Committee, American Advertising Federation/Advertising, UO

Roger Desmond, Journalism, University of Hartford, Connecticut
“Bounty in a Food Desert”
Siobhan Watters, Communication, Simon Fraser University, Canada
“Posthuman Food, Posthuman Life”
Ryan Eanes, Business Management, Washington College, Maryland
“An Appetite for the Unusual: Persuasive Challenges for Edible Invasive Species”
Andrew Calabrese, Communication, University of Colorado Boulder
“Class Consciousness versus the Cultural Production of Ignorance”

Innovations                                                       Shirley Papé Forum Room 350, Floor 3R
Chair: John Hull, Assistant Dean for Portland Programs & Center Development/Business, University of Oregon

Julie Haack, Chemistry & Biochemistry/Tyler Invention Greenhouse, U Oregon
David Laubenthal, Creative Services, OMSI/Collaborative Design Program, PNCA
Liz Canning, Director, and Marilyn DeLaure, Producer, LifeCycle, University of San Francisco, California
“LifeCycle: Spinning Stories of the Cargo Bike Movement in Motherload
Dean Walton, Science & Technology Library, DeArmond MakerSpace, UO/Eugene Makerspace
“Thoughts on Innovation”

2:45-4:00p           PLENARY #3: Ethics and Biology                                      Room 144

Introduction: Pat Curtin, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs/Public Relations, University of Oregon
Ted Toadvine, Rock Ethics Institute/Philosophy, Penn State University
“Time to Stop Dreaming About the End of the World”

Brendan Bohannan, Biology/Environmental Studies/Institute of Ecology & Evolution, University of Oregon
“Nature versus Nurture in the Post-Microbiome World”

4:05p Depart UO in PDX by Chartered Bus [Reg.] or by Car or Mass Transit



611 SW Kingston Avenue Portland, Oregon 97205

4:30-5:20p          Life
Arriving and Breathing

5:20-5:30p          Lifeworlds
Diane Durston, Arlene Schnitzer Curator of Culture, Art & Education
Sadafumi Uchiyama, Garden Curator, Portland Japanese Garden

5:30 | 6:00p          Lifeworks
Guiding: Tours of the Garden
Sadafumi Uchiyama, Garden Curator, Portland Japanese Garden

Please sign-up for a tour at the conference registration table. Note: Limited Availability


8:30am                        REGISTRATION OPENS

9:00-9:05a          WELCOME                                                                                     Room 144
Juan-Carlos Molleda, Edwin L. Artzt Dean, School of Journalism & Communication, University of Oregon


Chair: Mark Johnson, Philosophy/Environmental Studies, University of Oregon
W. James Potter, Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara
Renee Hobbs, Communication Studies, University of Rhode Island
Ed Madison, Journalism/Media Partnership, University of Oregon
Divina Frau-Meigs, Sociology, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, France
• Jeremy Swartz and Carl Bybee, Media Studies, University of Oregon
Antonio López, Communications & Media Studies, John Cabot University, Italy

11:30-12:45p        PANELS

Workshop [Group Works: Meetings that Bring Life]                                  Room 144
Facilitation by Tree Bressen, Group Pattern Language Project and Tree Group

Do you want better group convening experiences? Come with dilemmas in hand, ready to explore and learn together. We’ll use the Group Works pattern language deck as our lens of collaboration.

Slow (News)                                                                                                                      Room 150
Chair: Mark Blaine, Journalism, University of Oregon (free books)

Andrea Coccia, Forum Journalism & Media, Vienna, and Co-founder,, Austria
Daniela Kraus, Forum Journalism & Media, Vienna, Austria
Peter Laufer, Journalism/UNESCO Crossings Institute for Conflict-Sensitive Reporting and Intercultural Dialogue/Journalism, University of Oregon
Alberto Puliafito, Director,, Italy
Damian Radcliffe, Journalism, University of Oregon, and Fellow, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), United Kingdom

Agency                                                                                                                                Room 152
Chair: Scott Maier, Journalism Area Director, University of Oregon

Patrick Gavin, Information and Media Studies, Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada
“Actualizing Patterns of Possibility: (Re)Configuring the Self in the Age of Information”
Jeff Shires, Communication & Creative Arts, Purdue University Northwest, Indiana
“The Funhouse Self”
Rachel Melis,  Information & Media Studies, Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada
“The Ethics of Anonymous Subjectivity”
David Staton, Journalism & Media Studies, University of Northern Colorado
“Life and Death (with diginity); Agency and the Heard Gaze”

Rights                                                                        Wayne Morse Suite Room 302, Floor 3
Chair: Kyu Ho Youm, Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair/Media Studies/Law, University of Oregon

Vidhi Agrawal, Humanities and Social Sciences, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
“Right to Know and Indigenous People’s Fight for Their Lands: Case Study of Jan Sunwai (Public Hearings) from India, 1990-2005”
Debra Merskin, Media Studies/Native American Studies, University of Oregon
“What is (Animal) Life?: Mediating Animals”
Chris Loughnane, Media Archaeology Lab, University of Colorado Boulder, and Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University of Glasgow, Scotland
“The Physical and the Digital: Plotting a Manifold Meshwork”
Alexander Garinther & Holly Arrow, Psychology/Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences, University of Oregon
“What is the Value of a Human Life?”

Criticality                                                                          Turnbull Classroom 346, Floor 3R
Chair: Bish Sen, Media Studies/New Media and Culture, University of Oregon

Christie Kliewer, Librarian, Duquesne University; Gesina Phillips, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Duquesne University; and Megan Massanelli, Project Archivist, Senator John Heinz History Center, University of Pittsburgh
“Information and Anxiety: The Impossibility of ‘Literacy’ and the Necessity of Agency”
Jörg Becker, Political Science, Marburg University, Germany
“What is Life?: Some Philosophical and Social Scientific Thought Splinters”
Anne-Marie Oliver and Barry Sanders, The Oregon Institute for Creative Research
“The Coming Prehuman (A Peculiar Relation to Life and Life-Time): Two Perspectives”
Kevan A. Feshami, Media, Communication and Information, University of Colorado Boulder
“What is a Mode of Life? Revisiting Marx to Think About Life”

Feminism                                                              Shirley Papé Forum Room 350, Floor 3R
Chair: Leslie Steeves, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, SOJC, UO

Chelsea Wessels, Cinema Studies, Colby College, Maine
“Living in Place: Women, Work and the Western”
Mary Erickson, Communication Studies, Western Washington University
“Claiming Space in Media Life: Women Media Makers and New Technologies”
Victoria Mancha and Melissa Santillana, Psychology and Communication, Texas A&M International University
“Anaizando a Las Morras: Feminists or Feminazis”: How Toxic Masculinity Moves from Street Harrassment to Online Harassment”
Keya Saxena, Media Studies/Gender Studies & Human Rights Documentation Centre, University of Oregon
“Mobile Phones for Female Domestic Workers in India: Creating New Opportunities”

1:00-2:30p  LUNCH & PLENARY #4: Platforms & Political Economy   Room 144

Introduction:  Julianne Newton, Journalism/Visual Communication, UO
Douglas Rushkoff, Media Theory & Digital Economics/Laboratory for Digital Humanism, Queens College, CUNY
“Solving for Humans: How the Digital Economy Reverses Figure and Ground”

Gabriela Martínez, Journalism/Media Studies/Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies, University of Oregon
“The Bone is the Message: Life, DNA, and Media”

2:45-4:00p      PANELS

Cyborgs                                                                                                                             Room 144
Chair: Amber Case, Center for Civic Media, MIT, and Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University

Caroline Alphin, ASPECT-Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical & Cultural Thought, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ.
“Cyborg Neoliberalism: Practicing Neoliberal Subjectivity through the Fitness Tracker”
Justin Barnard, English, State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia
“Ex Humana: How Technology is Changing What it Means to be Human”
Patrick Dunham, Comparative Literature, University of Oregon
“The Eradication of Reality in the Age of the Simulation”
Lucy Benjamin, Media Studies/Film Studies, Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Loving Life: Romantic Encounters of the Modern Cyborg”

Systems                                                                                                                               Room 150
Chair: Brook Muller, Architecture/Ecological Design/Environmental Studies, UO

Nora Bateson, International Bateson Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
“Life as Mutual Contextual Learning”
Michael Gosney, Techné Verde, San Francisco, California
“Nature’s Technology: John Muir, Paolo Soleri, and Biomimicry”
Amnon Buchbinder, Screenwriting/Cinema & Media Arts, York Univ., Canada
“How Stories Grow” (Biology of Story)
Brook Muller, Architecture/Ecological Design/Environmental Studies, UO
“Inhabiting Ecological Infrastructure: New Systems for Urban Life”

Eco-nomics                                                                                                                        Room 152
Chair: Eileen Meehan, Radio, Television, & Digital Media, Southern Illinois Univ.

Jonathan Pace, Communication, University of Pennsylvania
“What is Digital Trade: Exchange Relations on the Dark Web”
Justin Francese, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“Global Ecosystem Management and Control of the Digital Biosphere: Copyright Enforcement, Takedowns, and Free Trade”
Jing Wang, Communication and Information, Rutgers University, New Jersey
“The Internet, Financial Industries, and the Everyday Financial Life in China: A Yu’ebao Case”
Matt Eichner, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“Breaking Away: How the Power Five Hold the Reigns of the College Football Playoff”

Ecocriticism                                                           Wayne Morse Suite Room 302, Floor 3
Chair: Antonio López, Communications & Media Studies, John Cabot Univ., Italy

Mei Ling McNamara, Journalism, University of Colorado Boulder
“Elegant Ecologies: Cross-Community Storytelling for Public Service Journalism”
Phil Duncan, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“The World of Rapture: An Ecocritical Approach to Cousteau’s The Silent World”
Derek Moscato, Journalism, Western Washington University
“Popular Ecology on Four Wheels: The Mediation of #VanLife”
Rubal Kanozia, Journalism and Mass Communication, Heritage Institution, India, and Japneet Kaur, Biology, School for Meritorious Student, India
“Social Ecology and Life Management: Evaluation of Community Participation for the Rejuvenation of Community Life Nearby Areas of Black River: A Case Study”

CSR/ESG                                                                            Turnbull Classroom 346, Floor 3R
Chair: Connie Chandler, PRSSA/Public Relations, University of Oregon

Donnalyn Pompper, Strategic Communication/Globalization & Development, Temple University, Philadelphia
Ron Parham, Senior Director, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, Columbia Sportswear Company, Oregon
Carlos Eyzaguirre, Investment Analyst, Capital Markets, Heron Foundation, New York

Ecocinema                                                           Shirley Papé Forum Room 350, Floor 3R
Chair: Daniel Steinhart, Cinema Studies/Media Studies, University of Oregon

Micky Lee, Communication & Journalism, Suffolk University, Massachusetts
“Does the Trading Screen have an Agency? Human-Machine Interaction in Hollywood Films on Financial Crises”
Matthew Holtmeier, Screen Studies, Ithaca College, New York
“Ecosophy and Industry: Captain Fantastic and the Washington Filmworks Incentive Program”
Zac Roman, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“Dovetailing for Dollars: The Stinger as Film Franchise Conduit”
Brent Cowley, Media Arts-Critical Studies, University of North Texas
Wall-E and the E-pocalype: Eco-value Messages in Animation”

4:15-5:30p         PANELS

Technology                                                                                                                        Room 144
Chair: Donna Davis, Strategic Communication Program/Public Relations, UO

Matt Bean, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“Biometric Security and Privacy”
Hue Woodson, English, University of Texas at Arlington
“State of the Existentially-Exceptional: Agamben’s Biopolitics and Heidegger’s Ek-sistence”
Kristin Casey, Art, Aesthetics and Comparative Literature, Université Paris 7 Diderot, France
“On Kitsch in Nature and Technology”
Patrick Jones, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“Archaelogical ANTS: Media Archaelogy and Digital STS In Conversation”

Memory                                                                                                                              Room 150
Chair: Gabriela Martínez, Journalism/Media Studies, University of Oregon

Shenker, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University, Australia
“‘Pinchas Gutter’: The ‘Holographic’ Face of the Embodied Archive”
Sandra Lucia Ruiz Moreno, Panamericana University, Colombia
“Memories of Páramo and Digital Media”
Dan Leopard, Communication, Saint Mary’s College of California, and Noah
Brant Burkey, Communications, California State University, Dominguez Hills
“Remembering the Past is Not What It Used to Be: Refreshing Collective Memory Studies to Account for Multimodal Practices in a Digital Landscape”
Lisa Silvestri, Communication Studies, Gonzaga University, Washington
“Memeingful Memories”

Death                                                                                                                                   Room 152
Chair: Sangita Gopal, English/Comparative Literature/Cinema Studies, UO

Sarah Hamid, Social Media Collective/Microsoft Research Lab – New England, Cambridge, MA
“The Necropolitics of Algorithmic Policing”
Emily West, Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst
“Death Makes a Sign, After All: People Sharing their End-of-Life Experiences in the Digital Age”
Andrew McLaughlin, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“Police Brutality Videos in the Age of New Media”
Wade Keye, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“Social Media and the Relationship of Life to Death”

Fakery                                                                       Wayne Morse Suite Room 302, Floor 3
Chair: Brent Walth, Journalism, University of Oregon

Alexandra Nutter Smith, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Tacoma
“How Did We Get This Wrong?: Failing to Account for the New Silent Majority”
Gerald Sussman, Urban Studies & Planning – Urban & Public Affairs, Portland State University
“What is Political Life (in America)?: Electoral and Media Politics in the Age of Gabriela da Silva Zago, Independent Researcher
“Media Life, Subjectivity and News Consumption in Social Network Sites”
Eric Holmes, Business Administration, Portland State University
“Life is Fiction: The Politics, Economics, and Philosophy of American Storytelling”

Education                                                                          Turnbull Classroom 346, Floor 3R
Chair: Jesse Abdenour, Journalism, University of Oregon

Benjamin Anderson and Elizabeth Sarjeant, Communication, Simon Fraser University, Canada
“Exploitation 101: Introduction to Student Work and University Legitimacy”
Justin Kirk, Communication Studies, Kansas University
“Argument as Life”
Michael Laufer, Mathematics, Menlo College, California
“Knowledge Imperialism and its Combatants”
Karikarn Chansiri, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“The Effects of Hollywood Horror Film on Thais’ Attitudes Toward People with Mental Illness”

Audiences                                                            Shirley Papé Forum Room 350, Floor 3R
Chair: Debra Merskin, Media Studies/Native American Studies, Univ. of Oregon

Randy Nichols, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Tacoma
“How to be a Winner at the Game(s) of Life: Unpacking Rules, Representation, and Rewards”
Greg Dewar, Media Studies, University of Oregon
“Antisociality in World of Warcraft: From Teamwork to 1337work”
Marianne Leppik, Social Sciences, University of Tartu, Estonia
“Civic Identity and Transnational Media Practices of the Estonian Russian-speaking Population in the Context of Political Crisis”

5:40-6:45p         CLOSING PLENARY #5: Universes of Praxis                 Room 144

Introduction: Julia Frost, Architecture/EDC/Director, HOPES23, UO
Mark Johnson, Philosophy/Environmental Studies/Institute of Cognitive & Decision Sciences, University of Oregon
“An Embodied Aesthetics and Ethics of Life”

Introduction: Jeremy Swartz, Communication/Media Studies, University of Oregon
Mark Bedau, Systems Science, Portland State University/Philosophy and Humanities, Reed College/European Center for Living Technology, Venice, Italy
“Life’s Burgeoning Creativity”

6:45-7:05p     CLOSING DISCUSSION                                                            Room 144
Participants include Fritjof Capra and Salma Monani with Mark Bedau and Mark Johnson
Facilitation by Jeremy Swartz

7:05-8:30p         CLOSING RECEPTION                                       Light Court Commons