Directors and Staff

Janet Wasko, Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs
Professor and Knight Chair in Communication Research
Jeremy Swartz, Postdoctoral Fellow, Media Studies
School of Jouralism and Communication

Erika Vogt, Communication and Events Project Manager
Emma Oravecz, Events Manager
Andrea McFarlane, Executive Assistant, Turnbull Center
John Woelfle, Portland Facility Services Manager
Tess Peterson, Event Services Coordinator
Laurie Notaro, Portland Communications
Cris Moss, Director, White Box
Netsanet Debebe, Doctoral Student / Coordinator
Josh Buetow, Fiscal Coordinator
Brian Conley, Accounting Technician
Doug Burzell, Information Technology Consultant
Sean Curtin, Educational Video Specialist
Matt Schmidt, Academic IT Manager
Louie Vidmar, Web Administrator
Heidi Pohl and Rich Verdugo, Digital Print Service Technicians


Media or Event Inquiries

Please email Erika Vogt at or call 503-412-3693.