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Black Lives Matter: Police Brutality and Ally Awareness Panel

ASUO Men’s Center and Black Male Alliance

May 3rd, 2016: Global Scholars Hall Great Room 7-9pm

Free Coffee, Tea, Cookies, and Brownies will be provided! 

The purpose of the “Black Lives Matter: Police Brutality and Ally Awareness” panel is to raise awareness on the B.L.M. movement, and focus on the underrepresented people within the movement while providing information on how potential allies can practice ally behavior. By creating a better understanding of intersecting identities within the B.L.M. movement, we hope that institutional violence can be decreased, prevented, and stopped all together through education, awareness, and community engagement at a local and national level.

The ASUO Men’s Center, in collaboration with the Black Male Alliance, Multicultural Center, Ethnic Studies and other student organizations and departments, will invite experts to present on a panel. As stated above, they will speak on three themes 1) The Black Lives Matter Movement and why it is important, 2) the underrepresentation of black trans/ gender nonconforming, women, and girls lives within the movement, and 3) thoughts and perspectives on how people who don’t identify as black can be effective allies.

Panelists will include:

  • Akilah Powell – Racial Justice Coordinator, ASUO Women’s Center
  • Samara Mokaya – Student Staff/ Coordinator, UO Multicultural Center
  • Dr. Reyes Santos – Professor, Ethnic Studies
  • Mr. Mark Harris – Professor, UO and LCC