Thank you, community leaders and volunteers!

The Office of Sustainability support for community-driven COVID-19 relief efforts is made possible by the ongoing work of dozens of area residents who are volunteering their time, skills, and energy to sustain the community through these challenging times. We have created this Volunteer Spotlight page to honor the work of these dedicated community members. We hope their passion, generosity, and care may continue to inspire others to support their communities in many ways!

Photo of Maureen Smith
Retired Oregon Nurses Association organizer and community COVID-19 response leader Maureen Smith
This is a close-up head shot of Cheryl Brewer
Cheryl Brewer, Retired nurse and handmade mask community support project leader.
This is a photo of Pamela Reim
Emerald Valley Quilters’ Guild member and volunteer mask sewer Pamela Reim
Two women wearing cloth masks in an office
Bev Harrison has been making masks for healthcare workers like these two who are happily wearing their homemade cloth masks at the office.
This is a photo of Karen Perkins
Local retired art teacher and volunteer mask sewer Karen Perkins
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