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Light reveals our visual universe. Light shapes how we perceive form and the boundaries of space. Light gives vitality to immutable form, revealing the familiar “in a new light”. Small adjustments in light intensity, composition and viewpoint can yield big changes in highlights and shadow patterns.

In this class, students worked with professor Nancy Cheng and learned how to aesthetically control light and shadow for through hands-on experiments and examples from art, design and architecture. The class explored design as discovery, looking for emergent visual phenomenon in material manipulation. We studied how architectural surfaces, materials and apertures can be activated by changing light and we will play with how surfaces can be cut, creased, crimped, carved, or colored to create light and shadow effects. Students were encouraged to experiment with unfamiliar materials and processes such as digital fabrication and video.


  • to understand how shaping materials can create light and shadow effects.
  • to hone form-finding methods that engage material qualities
  • to discover elements of a personal formal vocabulary
  • to build design communication and fabrication skills

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