Design Charrette

2015-05-15 Design Charrette group

The Oregon Leadership in Sustainability Program at the University of Oregon conducted a design charrette for the development of the area surrounding the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry as a new Innovation District on May 15, Friday, 1:00-4:00pm at the University of Oregon Portland Center.

Faaiz Ajaz
JungYu Chang
Kyle Collins
Samuel Copelan
Shea Darland
Claudia Denton
Boru Goyuta
Mary Heberling
Jay Higgins
Joseph Kendzierski
Lindsey Larvick
Susan Spitzer
Celina Stilphen
Anthony Stine
June Stephens
Ric Stephens
Michael Walker
Dehui Wei
Jamie Willeke
Alan Willoughby
Shanxun Wu
Xao Xiong

For more information, contact Charrette Coordinator Joe Kendzierski
For more information on the Portland Innovation District study, contact Instructor Ric Stephens
For more information on the Oregon Leadership in Sustainability program, contact Director Jake Pollack

Portland Innovation District base map