This site is for NowPhon 1, 2015.

For NowPhon 2, 2016, please go here:

We are really happy to host the inaugural meeting of the NorthWest Phonetics & Phonology Conference (NoWPhon). The purpose of this first meeting is to get in touch with all the exciting work happening in phonetics/phonology in the Northwest and to plan for the future. We hope that NoWPhon can be for the Northwest what MidPhon is for the Midwest, a gathering that encourages and provides a supportive environment for student presentations and fosters connections among faculty across the region. This first meeting, however, is an informal planning meeting (here at the University of Oregon) for faculty and post docs in the area to discuss current research, as well as lay the groundwork for future conferences. The first full-scale meeting of NoWPhon is tentatively planned to occur at the University of Oregon in 2016.

The map below gives walking directions from the hotel to the conference venue and from the conference venue to the dinner, and points out a number of restaurants nearby. You can toggle layers of annotation by clicking on the list/menu icon in the upper left corner below the map name.

We really hope to see you here on June 4-5, 2015.

Melissa Baese-Berk (mbaesebe),

Vsevolod Kapatsinski (vkapatsi)

Tyler Kendall (tsk)

Melissa Redford (redford)

Charlotte Vaughn (cvaughn)