General information

We are really happy to host the Second Annual Meeting of the NorthWest Phonetics & Phonology Conference (NoWPhon). NoWPhon is intended to be a gathering that encourages and provides a supportive environment for student presentations and fosters connections among faculty and students across the region.

The map below gives walking directions from the hotel to the conference venue, and points out a number of restaurants nearby. You can toggle layers of annotation by clicking on the list/menu icon in the upper left corner below the map name.

We really hope to see you here on May 13-15, 2016

The NowPhon2016 Organizing Committee


The NoWPhon Organizing Committee would like to thank the Linguistics Department at the University of Oregon and a Program Grant from the College of Arts and Sciences for their generous support in helping to fund NoWPhon 2016.

We would like to thank our volunteers for all their help in making this conference happen! A big thank you to our UO graduate student volunteers: Charlie Farrington, Zara Harmon, Misaki Kato, Ellen Kress, Nate Severance, Matt Stave, Allison Taylor-Adams, and Julia Trippe. And to our UO undergraduate student volunteers: Shelby Arnson, Emily Cary, Ellie Collins, Lily Huston, Brooke Josler, Melanie Nachtmann, Brittany Parham, Blair Prater, Anna Robinson, Preston Russell, and Brandon Zuel.