Math Resources

Jobs at UO:

Interested in a job at school that utilizes math? Here are some links to you might want to check out. You could work as a math grader for the math department, a math tutor at the math library, a math tutor at the Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center, or as an assistant for the UO Math Circle.

Math department website:


Math library website:

Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center website:


UO Math Circle website:




Interested in a job in math after school? Here are a couple resources you might want to browse through.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM):

Silicon Shire (Tech companies in Eugene):


Study Mathematics Abroad:

Some of you might remember Michelle Lo coming to talk with us about an opportunity to study mathematics in Budapest. If you are interested, please see the following information.


Other Math Resources:

Peer Math Department Climate Office Hours:

Montana Janssens and Michelle Lo are serving on the math department’s Climate Committee and will be holding peer math department climate office hours this term. These office hour are the undergraduate community’s opportunity to offer suggestions, feedback, and voice any questions, concerns, or joys that they may have about their experience with the math department’s climate (i.e., their experience in the math department – what they like, dislike, would like to see more of, etc).

During winter term these office hours will be held:

January 22 from 10-11am in the Fenton conference room February 12 from 10-11am in the Fenton conference room March 12 from 10-11am in the Fenton conference room

Note that the Fenton conference room is the small room directly to the left of the library entrance, on the second floor of Fenton.

If you have any questions about climate office hours, feel free to contact math club at or Michello Lo at!