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Project Communication

Our project uses the following collaborative tools and spaces for project communications and spaces. If you have any questions about, how to get access, or how to use any of them please reach out to Kate Thornhill via MS Teams or email.

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is a communications platform with chat, video meetings, file storage, and integrates with third-party tools like Smartsheets.

We’re using this technology to centralize our team communications, off email and outside of meetings discussions, video conferencing, project documentation, sharing project files, and integration with Smartsheets. Restricted research data and information related to the project’s IRB will not accessible or connected to MS Teams.


OneDrive is used for storing secured research data. Unlike previous DSC digital projects, we’ will not be using OneDrive for sharing and storing other materials. Access to the research data OneDrive folder is only granted to people approved by the IRB. If you have questions about access please research out to Alai Reyes-Santos.


Smartsheets is a project management tool we use for keeping track of project tasks via a project board, keep budgets, labor tracking hours, and the projected out of office calendar. Access to Smartsheets has been granted to project member addresses. All sheets are centralized in a workspace called “Caribbean Women Healers” and linked via the Caribbean Women Healers MS Teams.


E-mail will be used to communicating with team members outside of MS Teams. Email can be good for documenting final project decisions, sending important reminders for decision and task deadlines.

In-Person Meetings

In-person meetings occur frequently for entire team members (Digital Strategies Meetings) or working with individual or small groups of team members to complete project work outside of Digital Strategies Meetings. Team members will always receive meet invites and reminders for scheduled gatherings.


Sway is a used for creating interactive white paper reports about the digital project. At the end of the project, a Sway will be created and shared with the team and on the DSC website.