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Meet the Team

UO Faculty & Research Assistants

Ana-Maurine Lara

Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Alaí Reyes-Santos

Associate Professor, Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

Miguel Perez

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant, School of Journalism and Communicatins

Professor Reyes-Santos and Professor Lara initiated the Afro-Indigenous Women Healers Project five years ago by attending ceremonies, building relationships, and undertaking interviews and ethnobotanical surveys with Caribbean women healers in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Oregon, and other locations. With their undergraduate research assistant, Miguel Perez has been assisted with community storytelling with video editing, processing, and translations.

UO Libraries Faculty & Staff

Anna Lepska

Digital Scholarship Specialist Graduate Employee, UO Libraries

Anna Lepska joined the the University of Oregon Libraries in 2019 as Digital Scholarship Specialist GE. She supports Digital Scholarship Services with project management and digital media technologies experience. As part of her position, Hanna supports the Caribbean Women Healers project, developing technology instruction guides, and contributing and supporting DREAM Lab programming and the service desk.

Azle Malinao-Alvarez

Interactive Technology Consultant, UO Libraries

Azle Malinao-Alvarez joined the University of Oregon Libraries as an Information Technology Consultant on November 2001. Her position is to lead the interface design of digital scholarship projects for use in UO courses and research. As part of this project, Azle leads the front-end technical build.

Corey Gillen

Analyst Programmer, UO Libraries

Corey provides support for software development. He works in UO Libraries Technology Services Department.

Franny Gaede

Head of Digital Scholarship Services, UO Libraries

Franny provides administrative oversight and leadership for Digital Scholarship Services and the Digital Scholarship Center’s Faculty Grants Program.

Jonathan Cain

Head of Data Services, UO Libraries

Jonathan provides research data management consultation and leads UO Libraries Data Services.

Julia Simic

Assistant Head of Digital Scholarship Services, Digital Production and Preservation, UO Libraries, UO Libraries

Julia Simic joined the UO Libraries in 2006 as the Visual Resources Librarian. Since then, her responsibilities have expanded to oversight of digital and photographic reproduction for the Libraries as well as working closely with Collection Services and Library Technology Services on metadata and digital preservation matters. She will be assisting with format conversion and archiving of the project. She works in UO Libraries Digital Scholarship Services.

Kate Thornhill

Digital Scholarship Librarian, UO Libraries

Kate Thornhill joined UO Libraries Digital Scholarship Services in 2018. She leads project management for digital humanities and digital social science digital projects,  operations management for the UO Libraries Digital Research, Education, and Media (DREAM) Lab, and leads UO service management for the University’s cultural heritage repository, Oregon Digital. As part of this project, Kate provides leadership and management of the Digital Scholarship Center’s Digital Strategies technical development team.

Mandi Garcia

Library Design & Exhibits Coordinator, UO Libraries

Mandi leads oversight of marketing and outreach coordination for this digital project. She works in UO Libraries Digital Scholarship Services.

Miriam Rigby

Social Sciences Librarian, UO Libraries

Miriam joined the UO Libraries in 2008. She supports student and faculty research, instruction, and scholarly communication as the subject librarian for Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology. Her role on the Caribbean Women Healers project is to help research and build a public access bibliography using the citation management system, Zotero.

Nathan Georgitis

Archivist for Digital Collections, UO Libraries 

Nathan leads web archiving of the digital project. He works in UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives.

Ray Henry

Supervisor, Library Applications Programming, UO Libraries

Ray supports project web interface accessibility and coordination of application development efforts. She works in the UO Libraries Library Technology Services Department.