SafeAssign maintenance Oct 29 11pm PDT until Oct 30 3am PDT

The SafeAssign service will be undergoing maintenance with an outage starting Wednesday October 29 at 11pm PDT until Thursday October 30 at 3am PDT. During this time SafeAssign will not be available.
The rest of Blackboard is unaffected by this and will remain available.
Date Published: Oct 27,2014 Category: Product:Learn_BU; Version:X9_1_SP10,X9_1_SP11_9_1_110082_0,X9_1_SP12_9_1_120113_0,X9_1_SP13_9_1_130093_0,X9_1_SP14,Learn_April_2014_9_1_201404_160205   Article No.: 000039495

Product: Blackboard Learn

Bulletin/Advisory Information: The SafeAssign central services will undergo maintenance that requires a service outage on Thursday October 30, 2014 from 2:00 AM US Eastern (GMT-4) until 6:00 AM US Eastern (GMT-4). SafeAssign functionality will not be available and an error will be displayed to the user.  Papers will not be processed and reports will be delayed until after the maintenance has completed.

Please contact Blackboard Learn Client Support if you have any questions.

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