OUT/LOUD 2020: Experimental Music Production Featuring Guayaba

The Women’s Center has been proud to hold our most celebratory event of the year at the end of Spring Term: OUT/LOUD Queer and Trans Womxn’s Performance Fest. We lovingly refer to it as the Queer and Trans Beach Party of our Dreams, complete with electric palm trees, photobooths, music, poetry and most importantly – Radical Queer and Trans Joy in Community.

Unfortunately, the landscape is significantly different this year under the COVID-19 pandemic and we have had to transform the event entirely. However, because we are committed to amplifying the voices, honoring the resiliency and COMPENSATING the labor of Queer and Trans People of Color, this year OUT/LOUD became an essential, real, raw, honest conversation between our LGBTQIA+ Coordinator, KW, and the Tacoma, Washington-based Indie Musician and Performer Guayaba.

Join us for the educational webinar “OUT/LOUD 2020: Experimental Music Production Featuring Guayaba” about creatively, emotionally and financially surviving during a crisis as KW and Guayaba discuss mental health, sex work, content creation, capitalism, community, healing, organizing virtually, the gig industry, cyberpunk, FOMO and self-care in the time of COVID.

And please know that the University of Oregon Women’s Center firmly supports members of the LGBTQIA+ Community and will continue to fight for the rights and dignity of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identities/expressions and intersections of identity. We celebrate YOU.

With Love and Solidarity, The Women’s Center <3

LINK: https://tinyurl.com/OUTLOUD2020-Webinar

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Art by Kiva Hanson/Design by KW Lau