Welcome to the UO DuckDocs Project Blog (Formerly ECMS Workflow)

We will track the progress of this project on this blog.  We will add updates to the Project Updates section on a monthly basis.  Please feel free to ask questions by replying to posts.


The university has, for many years, relied on a system for scanning and managing paper documents.  This system is used in the student admissions process as well as in several other key areas.  The application currently used for this purpose is Singularity.  A few years ago, that application was purchased by a company that subsequently took it off the market and put it on “end of support” status.

As the university began investigating Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) applications to replace Singularity, we discovered that many of them also could manage workflow processes.  That is, they track forms and documents through a process to make the workflow more effective and efficient.

An RFP was developed and conducted to find a vendor that would offer a solution that meets the needs of the university.  After much investigation, three vendors were brought to campus and evaluated.  The application that offered the best fit was Lexmark’s Perceptive Content Management System.

The UO DuckDocs project was launched to implement that solution for both document management and workflow management.

This blog will track the progress of the project and provide updates.  It is our goal to provide those updates on a monthly basis.  Please check our Project Updates to follow the progress.

Project Representatives

Executive Sponsors for this project:

  • Brad Shelton – Senior Vice Provost for Budget & Strategy
  • Jamie Moffitt – Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Jessie Minton – Chief Information Officer
  • Melanie Muenzer – Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Administration

Steering Committee for this project:

  • Rocco Luiere – Associate Dean for Finance, College of Architecture & Allied Arts
  • Noreen Hogan – Associate Chief Information Officer for Applications & Middleware, Information Services

UO Project Managers for this project:

  • Paul Taylor – IT Project Manager, Information Services

UO Project Team Leads:

  • Derek Wormdahl – Information Services – Technical Team Lead
  • Nancy Willcox-Trent – Graduate School – GTF Workflow Team Lead
  • Jim Bouse – Registrar’s Office – Singularity Migration Team Lead and Freshman Admissions Workflow Team Lead