Seattle Site Visit 2018


The first stop on our Seattle tour was Tableau a tech and software company that focuses on making data visual, and easier for people to understand. Our host was a UO alum Margret who took us through the day to day running of Tableau. While there members got a better understanding of what working for a technology company would look like. Unlike most sales positions the sales department at Tableau doesn’t need to sell their product to as many people as possible, but rather selling it to the people who need it or would benefit from it the most, and therefore making data easier to read for the public.






Tim’s Chips!

Every wonder where your bag of chips comes from? Well it’s closer than you think. We got to visit the PNW site in Kent, Washington is the main location for the company’s distribution.

There our members got  a behind the scenes look at what it takes to distribute a product that deals with multiple selling locations.



Though it rains for most of the year one of the favorite things people from the PNW love is being outside. That is the main mission of REI–to get people outside and not focused on just a brand.

REI is one of the largest growing outdoor brands in the US that is specific to the Pacific Northwest Region they are also one of the best companies to work for at both the corporate and local store location level.















And of course had some fun along the way…