City Nature Challenge – Eugene/Springfield, Oregon


I participated in the Eugene/Springfield City Nature Challenge last weekend and had a wonderful time.  I identified 160 species and I am still waiting on others to ID a few more.  However, it looks like my good colleagues Ed Alverson and Bruce Newhouse kicked my rear end, but I would have expected that.  Matt Benotsch of the Eugene Nature Conservancy Field Office was the organizer of the event. They are the best naturalists in the Lower Willamette Valley.  Here are some of my best finds.  The boring looking mussel shell of Anodonta californiensis was the best find of all.


California floater – Anodonta californiensis

Southern Alligator Lizard  – Elgaria multicarinata

Oregon tiger beetle – Cicindela oregona

Carabid beetle

Thamnophis sirtalis ssp. concinnus


Bold jumping spider – Phidippus audax

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