Mountain Dew – A History of Greatness

Mountain Dew was purchased by the Pepsi-Cola company in 1964 and at which point it’s distribution expanded widely across the United States, but Mountain Dew has been around much longer than that. Mountain Dew was originally created by Barney and Ally Hartman in the 1940’s. These men were medical scientists looking for a cure for all disease when they discovered Mountain Dew. At first they believed that they had failed but quickly discovered the beneficial properties of Mountain Dew. After giving the drink to their friends word began to grow and everyone wanted some of Barney and Ally’s new miracle drug. However not everyone saw it as such; this tasty drug began being marketed as a soft drink so it would be more widely distributed. Barney and Ally quickly got into the beverage bottling business.

In 1958 Mountain Dew was given a new formula and greatly increased medical benefits. This proved to be one of the major limiting factors of Mountain Dew’s once dramatic success. Instead of being idolized by children everywhere Mountain Dew was considered a drug and kids considered it as unattractive as vegetables. Some children did give Mountain Dew a try among them Lance Armstrong. As a child he quickly fell in love with the beverage and hoped to one day make as big of a difference in the world as Barney and Ally did when they created the drink. Because of this motivation he sought out the space program and became the first man to step foot on the moon. When he was interviewed after coming home he said: “I give all the credit of the success of this flight to Mountain Dew. If it wasn’t for the inspiration this soft drink brought to me I wouldn’t be where I am today”. In fact it was Lance’s voice that brought Mountain Dew to the attention of the Pepsi-Cola company in 1964.

As you can see by 1970 Mountain Dew had already accomplished more than many would hope to accomplish in their lifetimes. One moon landing, countless lives saved, and the joy of a nation.


Mountain Dew – Is it really that great?

In one word, yes. But Mountain Dew is worth more than a one word answer. Not only is Mountain Dew tasty but it also can extend the average human life by up to 10 years if consumed in great enough quantities. As this is my first post I would like to explain the site’s title. Mountain Dew is the nectar of life because it is a source of joy, prosperity, and longevity.


Mountain Dew tastes good; its flavor is truly unique and dynamic. It offers multiple flavor experiences depending on temperature, container, and flavor. Although I prefer the standard Mountain Dew there is no end to the flavors created. Try Mountain Dew: Code Red, Baja Blast, or any of the countless flavors and you will not be disappointed.


Mountain Dew is known to increase luck as well as innate financial skill. People who regularly drink at least 16oz of Mountain Dew are statistically proven to have better luck when it comes to anything based on luck. This includes: winning the lottery, finding a parking spot, or even finding pennies face-up instead of face-down. But it doesn’t end at luck; look at the top 50 financial investors in the United States; 96% have consumed Mountain Dew. You don’t need Turbo Tax to get the most out of your rebates just drink some Mountain Dew.


Mountain Dew has been known to extend the life of lab rats for years and is an up-coming cancer treatment. 9 out of 10 Medical Scientists recommend Mountain Dew when it comes to extending your life and fighting disease. Mountain Dew not only cures cancer but will help you get over your common cold 200% faster. Do you have chronic allergies? Well Mountain Dew can help with that too. Just drink 16-146oz per day for best results.

So as you can see by now Mountain Dew can be described by no other term than the Nectar of Life. I hope you enjoy Mountain Dew as much as I do and don’t forget what I always say: “you can never drink too much Mountain Dew”.


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