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3rd annual

Eugene Youth Math Festival

10 am – 1 pm on Saturday, February 29, 2020

McArthur Court, University of Oregon

1601 University St, Eugene, Oregon

We invite young students who like math and share a passion for games, problem solving, and hands-on math activities, to come to the third Eugene Youth Math Festival. With the generous support from the UO Department of Mathematics and from the National Science Foundation admission is free and no registration is needed. Come and explore!

Please note that the Math Festival volunteers cannot take responsibility for unaccompanied children.

Festival stations with participants

Event info

What the Eugene Youth Math Festival?

The Annual Eugene Youth Math Festival! We’re an event that takes place every year with the support of the University of Oregon and the National Science Foundation. Our goal is to engage young students who like math and share a passion for games, problem solving, and hands-on math activities. There will be over 40 tables for play!

Who is invited?

Kids ages 5-14 are welcome to attend! No registration is needed!

Where is it?

The festival will take place at the University of Oregon. We’ll be solving math problems at McArthur Court. 

When is the festival happening?

February 29th 2020 from 10am-1pm

What is the cost?

It’s free!!!

Can I drop my kid off?

Kids need to be supervised! Please no drop-offs

We Need Volunteers!

How can volunteers help?

Volunteers manage a station with a certain math related activity. These activities vary from problems and ciphers to building 3D shapes, origami, strategy and board games, experiments, and so on. Most volunteers, who help with the stations, are there from ~9:30 until ~1:30, but shorter shifts are also possible.

Volunteers won’t need to be involved in organizing the stations; they receive instructions on what should be done. In most cases, the volunteers need to become familiar with their stations ahead of time (for example, learn the games or practice the hands-on activities). Usually, it doesn’t take much time to get ready.


Interested in helping out by being a volunteer?

Get in touch with us!

The Eugene Youth Math Festival is sponsored by the University of Oregon Department of Mathematics and the National Science Foundation.

Looking to get in contact with an event organizer? Send a message to the Eugene Youth Math Festival.