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Let’s Talk About It Contributors:

Ainara Echanove, Psy.D.:  I’ve worked in a variety of settings, including high school, community, private, primary care, and university settings providing therapy in both English and Spanish languages. My approach to psychotherapy is largely interpersonal and humanistic, informed by culturally-relevant and social justice perspectives. In my clinical work with students, I attend to how their concerns and struggles are shaped by sociocultural and sociopolitical realities. Clinically, I am interested in body image concerns, eating disorders, substance use issues, Latino/a mental health, gang membership, relationship concerns, couples issues, identity development, and complex trauma. I grew up bi-culturally and have lived in Spain intermittently throughout my life. Depending on weather and location, I enjoy running, snowboarding, bike rides, the lake, racquetball, golfing, line dancing (dancing, in general), hanging out with my family and friends, and taking care of my dog.

Mark Evans, Ph.D.:  I have been practicing psychotherapy for close to thirty years, most of that time working with University students. In addition, I have a part-time private practice that serves the wider Eugene community. One thing I love about my job is the chance to be present as students discover their inner resources, embrace their authentic selves, and make breakthroughs in their emotional and social lives. When not doing therapy, I enjoy creative writing, photography, composing music, travel, and mentoring youth. In the past, I taught philosophy to high school students. I also have spent six months living in Southeast Asia and many joyous weeks exploring the canyons of the Colorado Plateau.

Chandra Mundon, Psy.D.: I am a recent transplant from the California Bay Area and have been working in University Mental Health for the past 5 years. I consider myself a human rights advocate and activist, and feel that one of my jobs as a therapist is to help empower people at the personal level so that they can affect positive social change.  Aside from practicing psychotherapy, I love to write, play guitar, knit, host game nights, and explore new locales. I think it is fair to say that the ocean is my “happy place” and I have been known to spend hours collecting rocks along the seashore.

Asha Stephen, Ph.D.: Being a psychologist is my second career. I used to be a Computer Science Engineer until I realized that I enjoy working with people more. I have been practicing psychotherapy in university settings since 2004. I love working with students on relationship concerns, adjustment, and emotion management. I also love working with international students, having in the past been an international student myself. My approach to therapy is emotion-focused, interpersonal and multi-culturally oriented. In addition to therapy, I enjoy reading, cooking, contra-dancing, crocheting and traveling.