Jill A. Marshall

Rock to regolith: biotic, climatic and lithologic controls on landscape evolution


My research is driven by an overarching interest in abiotic vs. biotic, lithologic and climatic controls on bedrock to soil conversion and – ultimately – how those factors control landscape evolution. 

I was recently awarded an NSF EAR postdoctoral fellowship for my for cross-Critical Zone Observatory proposal: Cracking the critical zone: Tree roots in fractures and a proposed mechanistic soil production function. For more details on my postdoc research click here.

You can find information on some of my research and publications by clicking on the tabs in the upper right hand part of this page.

Recent press on our Science Advances article Frost for the trees: Did climate increase erosion in unglaciated landscapes during the Late Pleistocene?

New York Times Science Observatory 

University of Oregon

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