Innovators Wanted!

Celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon and beyond

The 2019 Innovation Summit is created FOR STUDENT BY STUDENTS to promote creative thinking and interdisciplinary innovations with inspirational guest speakers and hands on workshops.

This half day Summit of Presenters and Workshops, followed by a networking dinner is open to students of ALL majors!


               TROY CAMBELL                                                                                                  FROG

    Designing Amazing Experience                                                                      Comic Book Author








SCOTT FISHER                                                                               JOHANNA G. SEASONWEIN, PhD

Astronomical Innovations in Oregon                                   Empathy and Listening in the Workplace



What does Technology Mean?


The Summit highlights innovation in Science, Business and Art.


  • Bring together a diverse group of attendees including a variety of majors and ages
  • Connect departments together with a common theme of innovation
  • Empower students with the skills to create unique initiatives and experiences with their own skills  / Students will come away with the tools, connections, and resources to launch their own initiatives
  • Show the opportunities and resources the UO campus offers in regards to innovation
  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship as a whole