Profile Instructions

All College of Design faculty/staff website profiles are managed via the CAS Profile system. Only faculty and staff who have an active UO email address ( and a 95 number can have a profile in the system.

Changes to your full name, phone number, or office location must be made via the UO Service Portal, not the CAS Profile system.

To make changes to your profile, please follow the instructions below:

Log In
Edit Your Profile
Account Section (CV, photo, password)
Information Section (name, title, department, etc.)
Statement Section (biography)
View Changes

Log In

Visit the CAS Profile site at

Click the “Login” link in the upper left corner. Use the “UO e-mail user” login link.

UO user

Enter your DuckID and DuckID password on the Web Login Service screen. Your DuckID is the first part of your email address. If you have forgotten your DuckID (email) password, go to the DuckID service site and click on the “Forgotten Password” link to begin password recovery.

Click the Login button.


Edit Your Profile

There are three sections you will need to manage in your profile: the Account section, the Information section, and the Statement section.

To begin, click the “My account” link in the user account menu on the left side of the page.

my account

By default, your profile page will display in “View” mode.

To make changes, click the “Edit” tab near the top of the page next to the “View” tab.


Once in the Edit section of your profile, the “Account” and “Information” tabs will appear near the top of the page.

Account Section

Click the “Account” tab near the top of the page:


You may edit the following fields:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Upload your CV in a PDF file format.
  • Profile photo: Your profile image must clearly show your face. Please upload an image that has been cropped to this size: 264 x 300 px (width x height) at 72 ppi. If you upload an image that does not meet these size requirements, the resulting image quality may be poor. Visit the University Communications website for information about preparing images for the web. If you need further assistance with this process, please reach out to Kara Rowan at Please be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page after uploading your photo.
  • Alternate email: Alternate emails are not recommended, but the field is available if needed.
  • Password: Update your password here.

Click the save button at the bottom of the page to save any changes you have made to the Account section.

Information Section

Click the “Information” tab near the top of the page.


You may edit the following fields:

  • First Name and Last Name: As you want them to display on the website. Note: If you change your first or last name, please email Kara Rowan in the College of Design Communications office. A duplicate profile may be created on the College of Design website(s) and the old version will need to be manually removed.
  • Affiliation: Please choose faculty, instructor, or staff. This field does not display in the public-facing profile. It is used for sorting the profiles into the College of Design websites’ directory pages. If you select “officer of administration” or other affiliations, your profile will not appear on the College of Design websites. Please email Kara Rowan if you would like to choose “emeritus” as your affiliation.
  • Title: Full title with no abbreviations.
  • Additional Title: Optional but can include titles like “Director of …” and contain more than one title, separated by commas. This will appear below the Title field in your profile on the website. If you are affiliated with a department or program outside the College of Design, you may reference that department or program here.
  • City: Enter Eugene or Portland.
  • Office Hours: Optional.
  • Departments: Add a department within the College of Design only. If you add a department outside the College of Design in this field, your profile will not display on the College of Design websites.
  • Affiliated Departments: This field does not display in the College of Design website profiles. To display a department outside of the College of Design in your profile, you may add it to the Additional Title field (e.g. “Instructor, East Asian Languages and Literatures”), the Interests field, or the Statement section.
  • Interests: This will display as “Research Interests” in your profile on the website. Add your teaching fields, research areas, and specialties, such as sculpture or urban design.
  • Website: You may include a web address for a personal or research site.
  • Research Website: This field does not display in the College of Design website profiles. If you would like to add additional websites, please add them to your Statement section.

Do not edit the fields listed below. These fields are automatically updated once per week from Duckweb. Changes to these fields must be made through the UO Service Portal.

  • Full Name
  • Phone
  • Office

When you are finished editing the Information section, click the save button at the bottom of the page.

Statement Section (biography)

Use the “Statement” section to include biographical information in your profile.

Click the “Statement” link in the menu area on the left.


If your profile does not already have a Statement section set up, you may create one via the following steps:

  • Click “Create content” in the menu on the left.

create content

  • Click the “Profile Section” link to create a new content item for your account.

create profile

  • Select “Statement” from the “Type” menu. “Statement” is the only biographical content type that will appear in your profile on the College of Design websites. Other content types such as “Biography” and “Education” will not be displayed on the College of Design websites.

type menu

To edit your Statement, click the “Edit” link to the right of the “Statement” header.

edit statement

Enter your information into the text editor box. For assistance using the content editor toolbar, see the Drupal help documentation for a description of the basic toolbar functions.

Important: If you are pasting text from Word, please click the “paste from Word” icon, paste your text into the dialog box that appears, and click the “OK” button. This will prevent unwanted formatting from being carried into your profile. It will retain basic formatting such as bold, italics, and hyperlinks.

Faculty should include the following in their profiles:

  • Research interests, degree information, biography, expertise – up to 250 words
  • Selected works, current projects – up to 25 words per entry

View faculty profiles from your department or program:

When you have made the additions or changes to the Statement section, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

View Your Profile Changes on the College of Design Websites

Your profile will not update immediately on the College of Design websites after making changes on the CAS profile site.

Wait at least 24 hours to see your content updates appear on the College of Design websites. The CAS profile system updates the College of Design websites once per day.

Wait up to 8 days for any UO Directory updates to appear. The CAS profile system generally pulls UO Directory information once per week.

Once those timelines above have passed, you may need to clear your browser cache in order for your updates to appear.


Please email Kara Rowan in the College of Design Office of External Relations and Communications if you need assistance with your profile.


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