Gallery Rules & Application

Rules for Hayden Gallery Exhibitions or Events

The public areas of the College of Design are high traffic areas and therefore safety is very important. Please read the following rules before submitting an application:

  1. All reservations must adhere to FSS scheduling procedures and must comply with University of Oregon policies and safety codes.
  2. Access to entry and exit doors may not be blocked. Strict adherence to all code requirements and accessibility guidelines is mandatory. There are multiple doorways and utilities in the Gallery that cannot be blocked including two internal hallway entrances, two external building entrances, single doors to administrative offices, utility closet, Room 115, and the Facilities Services desk.
  3. No open flames or flammable materials can be used.
  4. No permanent alterations to building or grounds are permitted.
  5. Installing the exhibition or event must not pose threat of injury to artist or persons in area.
  6. The installation and removal of exhibition or event materials is the sole responsibility of the applicant.
  7. Exhibition or event must not be disruptive to class schedules and adjacent offices.
  8. Exhibitions or events with live animals are not permitted.
  9. Applicants are responsible for set-up, take-down, and clean up. The gallery must be returned to a clean and restored condition immediately upon take-down and all materials must be removed from the gallery, lobby, vestibule, sidewalks, and loading docks. Applicant is financially responsible for any damages caused by exhibition or event. Exhibitions or events that damage the area of install will be charged for the cost of labor and supplies. Exhibitions or events installed prior to approval will be subject to immediate removal and disposal. The College of Design is not responsible for damages or replacement cost of installations for any reason.
  10. Work exhibited on the building walls must utilize the Arakawa hardware system, which can be checked out from the facilities desk. Nails, pins, screws, or heavy tape are not permitted on these walls. See for use details. Pins or nails can be used on the portable homasote walls; however, screws are not permitted. The building walls, homasote walls, floors and ceiling may not be painted or drilled into. The ceiling may not be clamped or attached to directly. All digital equipment should be secured.
  11. All event arrangements must be made by the applicant including set-up and clean-up. Maximum seated occupancy: 97. No alcohol may be served unless provided by University Catering. Please note the university policies about catering and waivers, which must be submitted 15 days in advance of the event

Gallery Application

The purpose of this application is to assist you with a successful exhibition or event.  Please 1) check the Calendar for available dates, 2) download the Hayden Gallery floor plan, and 3) read and understand the Gallery Rules, before submitting an Application. Priority is given to the Departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and School of Planning, Public Policy and Management and the Interior Architecture and Historic Preservation programs.

By completing the Application, the Applicant agrees to the following:

  1. To implement the exhibition or event as described in the Gallery Rules.
  2. To not alter the exhibition/event without prior approval.
  3. To install and remove all materials related to the exhibition or event by the approved dates.
  4. To leave the space utilized in the same or better condition than when it was found.
  5. To be financially liable for all costs associated with damage to the property.

The application process is not complete without the approval. Applications must be approved prior to the exhibition or event. The applicant, and a copy of the approved application, must be on site during the installation process.

Items marked with an * are required.

Hayden Gallery Application

Student Information

Applicant is required to provide an index and activity code. If any damage occurs related to this event/exhibit/installation, the Index/Activity code provided will be charged for cost of labor and supplies. By submitting this application, you are confirming that you have authority and approve all charges that may occur.

Exhibition/Event Information


Provide a detailed exhibition/event description including, but not limited to the following: 1.) information about the type of exhibition/event and its content, 2.) the quantity and composition of works and/or any equipment in the exhibition/event, 3.) installation techniques and fasteners to be used, 4.) a schedule of relevant event times such as reviews, meetings, receptions, or talks and the estimated number of participants for each 5.) the number of panels requested to be used and upload the diagram below.
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