Site-Directed Platinum(II)-RNA Crosslinking

Site-Directed Platinum(II) Crosslinking

We are working on developing cisplatin as a short-range, metal ion-dependent crosslinking reagent for the purpose of RNA structure determination. Cisplatin is known to form coordinate covalent bonds with guanine and adenine in both DNA and RNA. Cisplatin also binds to thiols, with 3-4 fold kinetic preference. In the DeRose Lab, we utilize nucleic acids with thiol substitutions along the phosphodiester backbone to artificially insert preferred cisplatin binding sites, and use a variety of techniques to map nearby cisplatin binding partners.

This technique has been successfully applied to the active site of the hammerhead ribozyme (Chapman and DeRose, 2010), where we found preferential targeting of  specific nucleotides near to the active site thiol substitution. These crosslinking partners agreed with the known crystal structures of the hammerhead ribozyme, and were found to be dependent on the ribozyme adopting a correctly folded structure.

Currently, we are utilizing cisplatin crossslinking to study the hepatitis delta virus (HDV) ribozyme, with the goal to better understand the structure of the HDV ribozyme active site and how a magnesium ion involved in the catalytic step is positioned.

Here are some of our current publications on this work:

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