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Community Planning Workshop students evaluate five-year Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan

DESP Team interviews Jon Ruiz, Eugene City Manager

The City of Eugene is four years into a five-year Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan (DESP) to improve the organization’s culture around equity and human rights. The City and our Community Planning Workshop team partnered up to check off a plan action item and conduct an evaluation on the progress of the plan.

To evaluate the city’s progress on equity and human rights, our team uses surveys, interviews with executives and department DESP committees, focus groups, and related research. City staff received the survey in mid-February, and by the time the survey closed, 47% of the 1,400 staff members responded. We were thrilled with the response and are now analyzing the results to find key themes. In mid-to-late February our team also conducted all 13 interviews and team members continue to synthesize the results.

In late June, we’ll present the City with our final report. In it, we’ll include the key themes from the survey, interviews, and focus groups, and recommendations for future action. The DESP expires in 2014 and we are working with the City to understand what should replace it, if anything at all.

With much work done and much more to do, our team is happy with the progress and enjoying our partnership with the City of Eugene.

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Meet our Students: Dave Amos

Meet our Students: Dave Amos

Community and Regional Planning

What city, region, state do you call home?

Eugene, OR

In which graduate program are you enrolled?

Master of Community and Regional Planning & Architecture

What is your area of concentration?

My interests include transportation, land use, and urban design. My interest is anything that exists at the intersection of architecture and community and regional planning.

What will you be doing for the Community Service Center?

I’m in the Community Planning Workshop (CPW), doing a project on the Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan evaluation for the City of Eugene.

How does your involvement with the Community Service Center relate to or inform your graduate studies?

The Community Service Center provides real-world experience and a chance to apply my new skills for a client in the community. I have the opportunity to gain skills around meeting facilitation, public speaking, report writing, and team coordination.

What can you say about the value of your Community Service Center experience?

The Community Service Center creates real, positive change in Oregon communities and I’m enjoying my time contributing to that change in the Community Planning Workshop. I’m still early in my experience, but the value is already clear.

What outcome are you hoping for when your project ends?

Our project focuses on evaluating a City of Eugene plan to improve access and remove barriers for all people who work and interact with the City. I hope our evaluation gives the City a clear picture of how this plan is changing the culture within the city and provides some clear direction forward as the plan continues into 2014.

More about the Community Planning Workshop(CPW)