Slides from Social Sciences + Humanities Metrics Panel

Posted on behalf of Spike Gildea

On Tuesday, February 27, Scott DeLancey (Linguistics), Spike Gildea (Linguistics), Volya Kapatsinski (Linguistics), Leah Middlebrook (Comparative Literature), Lanie Millar (Romance Languages), and Lynn Stephen (Anthropology) hosted a panel discussion of metrics for measuring our departmental research quality and the quality of our graduate programs. The panel briefly summarized work done in some of their departments to identify what they value in their own work, ways to measure how well they achieve goals they value, and how they could take leadership in moving comparator institutions towards identifying and measuring their goals in comparable ways.

The slides from DeLancey, Gildea, Middlebrook, Millar, and Stephen are here:

Slides from Kapatsinski on graduate metrics are here:


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