First Term Activities

Class 1

Oct 2
& Jan 8

In this class…

Activity & Action Items

What’s the Story? Share background and history of Building Business Leaders and its purpose. Clarify what they find on the syllabi. Introduce peers with each other and the upperclassmen who will be mentoring thems purpose. Get to know one another. Activity: Quantity vs Quality questions; answer questions by lining up from smallest to largest side by side in the room.
Action: complete self-awareness survey
Action: Launch a blog

Class 2

Oct 9
& Jan 15
How many stairs are in the Lillis Business Complex? Use experiential activity as a “quick diagnosis” of natural communication and leadership styles. Explore how their “natural” or “preferred state” plays out in social, familial, athletic, academic and professional arenas.

Activity: Execute the stair activity

Activity: small group debrief four “preferred states”

Action: Blog about what learned during the experience.

Class 3

Oct 16
& Jan 22

What makes teamwork, well, work? Use experiential activity to form bonds with group members and explore how leadership and teamwork coexist. Activity: Pick Challenge Projects
Activity: Get to know team
Action: Blog about what learned during the experience.

Class 4

 Oct 23
& Feb 5
What do leadership style and learning style have in common?How do our “preferred states” translate to our study skills? Explore where study habits are self-defeating and how to work smarter AND harder during study time. Activity: Small group debrief on effective study skills.
Activity: Learn the routine, plan the routine, do the routine. Just do it.
Action: Blog about what learned during activities.

Class 5

 Oct 30
& Feb 5
What is a liberal arts education? Professional majors have different context within a liberal arts setting. Explore where academic choices in general education shape the direction your business career goes. Activity: Explore the current class catalog, yay!
Action: Blog about this experience.

Class 6

 Nov 6
& Feb 12
What is a major and how do I know if I’ve picked the right one? Take a deep dive into the areas of specialization in the business school. Some disciplines are not what you think! Activity: Meet & Greet with upper class men
Action: Blog about what learned during activities.

Class 7

 Nov 13
& Feb 19
 What resources does LCB offer to help overcome obstacles? The ultimate “did you know” exploration of the Lundquist College of Business student support services. Activity: Scavenger hunt!

Class 8

Nov 20
& Feb 26
This, I Believe. Typically by this point in the term we are all questioning why are we working so hard? What keeps us from just giving up? Listen to our Featured Minority Executive tell their story and find your motivation from within! Action: Blog what is your why?

Class 9

Nov 27
& Mar 4
 Final Presentation Prep day Activity: organize your BBL team’s presentation for the following week.

Class 10

Dec 4
& Mar 11
 Final group presentations Activity: Five teams present one by one.


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