University of Oregon Arts in Healthcare Research Consortium (UO AHRC)

Positioned within the Arts and Administration (AAD) Program and the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy (CCACP) at the University of Oregon, the University of Oregon Arts in Healthcare Research Consortium (UO AHRC) deepens regional collaboration in arts in healthcare and supports infrastructure development through research, policy, education, and community engagement. Our inaugural study titled, “The Role of Arts Programs in Fostering an Organizational Culture of Patient-Centered Care and an Environment of Healing in Hospitals and Hospices,” is aimed at identifying the kinds of management policies and practices required for strategic implementation of arts programs to create an organizational culture of healing in hospital and hospice settings.

The University of Oregon Arts in Healthcare Research Consortium (UO AHRC) advances research in the area of Arts in Healthcare, particularly in relationship to aging, terminal illness, and culture of healing in the Pacific Northwest. Expanding from the University of Oregon’s AAD Program, UO AHRC is a platform for research collaboration that endeavors to enrich the lives of those experiencing the advanced aging process.

Research Areas:

  • Arts in Health Program Management
  • Arts in Health Research Protocols, Tools, and
    Best Practices
  • Culture of Healing
  • Healthy Aging
  • Non-medical Interventions
  • Terminal Illness