Mentorship/Research Opportunity: Landmarking Tali (SPRING TERM POSITION)

Mentor Name: Aileen Fernandez

Mentor Email Address:

Mentor’s Faculty Advisor: Stephen R. Frost

Research Subfield: Biological

Research Keywords:

Landmarks, Geometric Morphometrics, Human Evolution

Description of opportunity:

This research focuses on understanding the functional morphology of the ankle joint, by looking at the talus bone across modern humans, extant great apes, and fossil hominins by collecting landmark data. The landmark data will be processed using statistical software to determine differences in locomotion across the sample. The goal of this research is to apply these same landmarks on fossil hominin tali and conduct a comparative analysis of locomotor repertoire.

Number of opportunities available: 1

Specific tasks involved:

The student will assist in collecting the landmark data from 3D models that will be provided for them. The will be responsible for maintaining an organized data set that will then be analyzed at the end of Spring Term.

Professional development and or skills to be gained:

This research opportunity will provide the student with data collection skills using a Microscribe. They will also learn how to use various 3D software, including Landmark Editor, and Geomagic Studio.

Any certification, clearance, and/or previous training/experience required?


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