Welcome to the AAD/Arts Management Practicum

Arts Management has a twenty year history at the UO of facilitating participatory learning between students and community partners so that students are able to cultivate their leadership skills in the arts and culture sector.

Our practicum course provides students short-term, exploratory, learning experiences in the creative culture sector of their choosing. Students are empowered to seek out organizations they wish to learn from, and establish learning objectives with a community partner on site.

Academic credit can be gained through the AAD 409/609 Practicum course. This course is offered every term (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer). Want to describe practicum to your friends easily? Download this handy Practicum Infographic


Arts Management Practicum is open to undergraduate and graduate students interested in an arts and culture opportunities. Are you ready to get started?

Do you have questions and want to talk over your practicum possibilities? Make an appointment with the practicum coordinator, David Turner, by emailing him at dturner@uoregon.edu.

Community Partners

If you are a community partner and wish to establish a new practicum opportunity that connects to our students, please read Community Partner Resources, before contacting the Arts Management Practicum Coordinator, David Turner: dturner@uoregon.edu.

If you are turning in an evaluation form for a student(s) who recently completed practicum, please send it to dturner@uoregon.edu.