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November 14, 2014
Department of Geological Sciences
1272 University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403

Museum of Natural and Cultural History
University of Oregon
1680 East 15th Ave
Eugene, OR 97403


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, Department of Integrative Biology, 2005
B.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Summa Cum Laude, Honors Geological Sci., 1999


2013-current Assistant Professor, UO Department of Geological Science
2008-current Fossil Collections Manager, UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History
2008-2013 Instructor, UO Department of Geological Science
2007 Faculty Fellow, University of Oregon
2006 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UC Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
2002, 2004 Graduate Student Research Assistant, MIOMAP project
2001 Graduate Student Coordinator, North American Paleontology Convention
2000-2003 Graduate Student Research Assistant, UC Museum of Paleontology
1999-2005 Graduate Student Instructor, UCB Depts. of Int. Bio., Earth & Plan. Sci.


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Editor-reviewed Papers (3)

McGuire, J.L., and Davis, E.B. 2014. Conservation paleobiogeography: the past, present and future of species distributions. Ecography. 37(11): 1092-1094.

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Papers in Submission (4)

Emery, M.M., Davis, E.B., Hopkins, S.S.B. In revision. Reassessment of the agriochoerid oreodont from the Hancock Mammal Quarry, Clarno (Eocene: Duchesnean), Oregon. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 28 MS pp.

Famoso, N.A., Davis, E.B., Feranec, R.S. In revision. Are hypsodonty and occlusal enamel complexity evolutionarily correlated in ungulates? Journal of Mammalian Evolution. 16 MS pp.

Levering, D.L., Hopkins, S.S.B., and Davis E.B. In revision. Decreasing limb inertia among North American ungulates across the Oligocene Miocene boundary. Palaeo3. 25 MS pp.

2014 Invited participant, EarthCube Cyberinfrastructure for Paleogeoscience RCN workshop
2013 Invited participant, NESCent catalysis group: Integrating Phylogeography, Fossils, and Landscape History
2013 Invited participant, EarthCube workshop: PaleoGeosciences
2012 Invited participant, PAGES workshop on Glacial Refugia
2006 Invited participant, NESCent meeting: Taxonomic Databases for the 21st Century
2005 Invited participant, GEON Cyberinfrastructure Summer Institute for Geoscientists
2004 George D. Louderback Award, UC Museum of Paleontology
1999 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
1995 Roddy Merit Scholar— Four-year full academic scholarship


2014 Oregon Historical Society development grant, $5632
2010 BLM Funding for MNCH fossil cabinets: $20,000
2006-2007 Postdoctoral Fellowship sponsored by California State Parks
2001-2005 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
2004 GSA Research Grant
2002 Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research


2014 Reel Science: Dinosaur 13. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
2013 Evolutionary Hotspots. Eugene Public Library Lecture Series.
2012 In Search of Missing Field Books. Smithsonian Field Book Project, Guest Blog Post.
2012 Oregon’s Saber-Toothed Salmon: A Story of Natural and Sexual Selection. Geology Lecture Series at SW Oregon Community College.
2012 Global Climate Change: What Can We Learn from Eugene’s Fossils? Eugene Public Library Lecture Series, part of Eugene@150 Celebration.
2011 My, What Big Antlers You Have! Ruminations on the Evolution of Headgear. Science Pub Eugene (Public Lecture).
2011 Oregon’s Saber-Toothed Salmon: A Story of Natural and Sexual Selection. UO MNCH Darwin-Condon Lecture Series.
2009 Dinosaurs and the Origins of Birds. Evergreen Aviation and Science Museum, Dinosaurs Come Alive! event.
2007 Bringing the Condon Collection into the 21st Century. UO MNCH Public Lecture Series.


Titles available upon request

2014 North American Paleontological Congress: 3 abstracts, 1 first-authored abstract.
2013 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Los Angeles, CA: 8 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2012 Geological Society of America Meeting, Charlotte, NC: 1 first-authored abstract.
2012 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Raleigh, NC: 6 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2012 Fossil Preparation And Collections Symposium, Seattle, WA: 1 abstract.
2011 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Las Vegas, NV: 5 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2011 Geological Society of America Meeting, Minneapolis, MN: 1 abstract.
2011 Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT: 1 abstract.
2010 Society for American Archaeology, St. Louis MO: 1 abstract.
2010 Great Basin Anthropological Conference, Layton Utah: 1 abstract.
2010 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA: 3 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2009 Geological Society of America Meeting, Portland, OR: 4 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2008 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Cleveland, OH: 1 first-authored abstract.
2007 Geological Society of America Meeting, Denver, CO: 2 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2007 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Austin TX: 2 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2007 American Society of Mammalogists Meeting, Albuquerque NM: 1 first-authored abstract.
2007 Evol. Change in Human-altered Environments: Int’l Summit, Los Angeles, CA: 1 abstract.
2006 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Ottawa, Ontario: 1 fist-authored abstract.
2005 Geological Society of America Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT: 2 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2005 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Mesa, AZ: 1 first-authored abstract.
2004 Geological Society of America Meeting, Denver, CO: 2 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2004 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Denver, CO: 3 abstracts, 1 first-authored.
2003 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, St. Paul, MN: 1 first-authored abstract.
2003 Geological Society of America Meeting, Seattle, WA: 1 first-authored abstract.
2002 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Norman, OK: 1 first-authored abstract.
2001 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Bozeman, MT: 1 first-authored abstract.
2001 North American Paleontological Convention, Berkeley, CA: 1 first-authored abstract.


Lead Instructor

Geology 103 The Evolving Earth
Geology 304 The Fossil Record
Geology 305 Evolution of the Dinosaurs
Geology 308 Geology of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest
Geology 418/518 Analysis of Environmental Data
Honors 209H Evolution of the Domestic Animals
Honors 424H The Legacy of Thomas Condon: The Role of Religion in Science

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Analysis of Environmental Data
Principles of Biodiversity
General Biology
Natural History of the Vertebrates
Morphology of the Vertebrate Skeleton


2008-current Oversee up to 12 volunteers and 3-4 student workers
2011-current Consulting on design of Explore Oregon natural history exhibit
2011-2012 Installation of 70 new museum cabinets, reorganization of vertebrate collections into these new cabinets
2010-2012 Transfer of UO fossil collections database to Specify 6
2008-2012 Increased UO fossil electronic catalog from 6,000 to 41,000 specimen records
2011 Instituted new preparation guidelines
2010-2011 Oversaw creation of 10 fossil-themed web galleries
2008-2011 Oversaw rapid digitization of >9500 specimens
2010-2011 Coordinated ‘living exhibit’ volunteer curators in PaleoLab exhibit: 15,000 specimens cataloged
2009-2010 Consulted on design of PaleoLab exhibit
2010 Implemented centralized server for UO fossil collection
2009 Developed MOU between UO and UO Forest Service
2009 Brought UO fossil collection in line with BLM DM 4.11 standards:
–Installation of alarm system
–Instigation of climate monitoring activities
–Instigation of pest monitoring activities
–Creating and implementing museum policy handbook
–Move of all non-essential books and records from collections vault to curation space
–Instigation of new accession records policy

2014- Member, EarthCube ad hoc Science Steering Committee
2013- Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology Editorial Board Member
2013 Invited symposium organizer: “The convergence of conservation paleontology and biogeography”, International Biogeography Society Meeting
2012 FWF (Austrian Science Fund) proposal reviewer
2012- Paleontological Society Student Grants in Aid reviewer
2010- NSF proposal reviewer
2009-2012 SVP committee member: Ad Hoc Fossil Repositories and Collections Guidelines
2002-2005 PaleoBios Associate Editor


2014: Lethaia, Biology Letters (2), Paleobiology, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Ecography
2013: Journal of Biogeography, Journal of Mammalogy, Biology Letters
2012: Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Journal of Paleontology, Rocky Mountain Geology, Palaeo3, Evolution of Wild Cattle Book, Biology Letters
2011: C.R. Biologies, New Mexico Museum Bull. (2), Acta Palaeont. Polonica
2009: PaleoBios, PNAS
2008: Molecular Ecology, Proceedings B
2007: Geology, Palaeo3
Data not collected for 2006 and earlier.


2012-current UO Department of Geological Sciences Computer Committee
2012 UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History IT Specialist Search Committee
2007-current UO Department of Geological Sciences Website Committee


Emery, Meaghan Ph.D. exp. 2017
Atwater, Amy B.S. 2013
Famoso, Nicholas M.S. 2013 Ph.D exp. 2017


Geological Society of America
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Paleontological Society
American Society of Mammalogists
International Biogeography Society
Society for Preservation of Natural History Collections