Georgina L. Bennett

Postdoctoral Research Associate



I am interested in earth surface processes and landforms particularly in mountainous regions. I use remote sensing techniques such as digital photogrammetry to measure landscape change over periods of decades from archival imagery and then use these data to develop and calibrate conceptual and numerical models of landscape change. For my Masters research I developed a glacial landsystem model on the basis of digital photogrammetric analysis and mapping of a glacier snout and foreland in Iceland. During my PhD research I produced a magnitude frequency model of slope failures in the Illgraben, Switzerland, based on photogrammetric analysis of the catchment. This subsequently formed a key component of a conceptual/numerical model, SedCas, of sediment transfer through the Illgraben aimed at better understanding and predicting debris flow occurrence. I am currently researching the response of landsliding and the landscape in general to uplift in northern California using a combination of landslide inventory analysis, topographic analysis, and pixel-tracking software to get at landslide velocities from satellite imagery. Alongside this, I am applying SedCas to model past and future sediment discharge from the Illgraben and looking for new settings and collaborations with which to test the model. For more detail on these research projects, please see my research overview.


Georgina Bennett
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Oregon
Oregon, 97403-1272

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