Georgina L. Bennett

Postdoctoral Research Associate



Landscapes express the interaction of hillslope, channel and glacial processes, which are driven at varying temporal and spatial scales by tectonics and climate. Landslides dominate landscape response to tectonics and climate in mountainous regions around the world, discharging sediment into the downslope landscape with sometimes devastating consequences for people and infrastructure. As such landslides are a cornerstone in an ongoing societal challenge to understand and model landscape response to climate change, and thus mitigate hazards and risks posed to an increasingly vulnerable population.

My research interests lie at the intersection of geomorphology, hydrology and geology, with an emphasis on understanding landslide-channel coupling in landscape and denudational response to climate and tectonics. In my PhD research I quantified and modeled the landslide-debris flow response to climate change over a period of decades in an alpine catchment. In my current postdoc research I am investigating the coupled channel-hillslope-landscape response to uplift in the northern Californian Coastal ranges over geologic timescales. In future research I am interested in continuing to explore the response of landslides and the wider landscape to climate change and tectonics. In particular I am interested in investigating the potential negative feedback of landslides on channel and landscape response to tectonics. I am also interested in researching hillslope-glacier coupling, particularly pertaining to glacial lake outburst flood hazard.

For more detail on my research to date, please see my research overview.


Georgina Bennett
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Oregon
Oregon, 97403-1272

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