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Overall, I want to say that I had a successful term implementing some of the techniques I learned from class into other projects I had outside of class. For example, I made my own poster for my recital at the beginning of term. For the first time I had professional looking posters for a performance that features me! From our video project, I felt shy at first sharing something personal of my life, but after I was done with it I felt empowered by my own ability to link images and sound to deliver a story. After my last 5 minute presentation, I had a self realization as I was walking back that I had become much better at focusing on prioritizing what needs to be said, not only to get my point across but being efficient with the use of my time.  Most importantly, I had gained a little more confidence speaking in front of a crowd and I hope to become better at it in the future as well.

From my learning goals at the beginning of term, I did say that I wan to learn how to tweet, but then I decided to focus my time on figuring out Facebook Pages, and the data analytics that comes with the page. I had also wanted to be more familiar with CRM, however, I am not sure if I ever had to use that, except, I did have to deal with artists management when it came to organizing my own recital. I had seven other performers with me on that recital, scheduling and keeping everyone happy was rough. Even though I veered slightly away from the goals I had set for my self at the beginning of the term at the end of the day, I am content of what I have done this term. Thank you for a great term.

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