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Media Inventory-World Music Series

When I was looking into what media and technology interfaces that the World Music Series uses I found out there was none. So, I set up an account on Face Book. This is the closest to what an official website is for the series right now. It was a bit of a shock to me that the series does not share a page on the School of Music and Dance’s webpages, and therefore seems like it does not even exist.

For our first Fall concert this year, we made a stash of 11 x 17  size posters with official SOMD logos and more professional looking graphics instead of the traditional flyers in the past. We paid some money for public announcement on KLCC and our event was published on the SOMD events calender on-line. We also sent out some of our posters to local businesses for visibility. For all the pictures that were taken from the first concert, we back them up to google drive.

There has been talk about setting up a UO blog for the series since our FB inception for archival purposes,  however, this hasn’t happened yet. World Music Series wants to use the FB account first as an webpage for information updates and program promotion leading up to actual events.  WMS would like to have a webpage of its own on SOMD’s website once the series is settled and only use FB as a tool for audience response and feed back later.




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