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Brand Study: World Music Series, SOMD, University of Oregon

1. What is your organization or company. Give background history including who, when, and why it was founded.

My organization is the “World Music Series,” a concert series presented by the School of Music and Dance. The series has been a shadow series from the rest of concert programs the music school offers. It is a independent concert series that has been standing on its own for the last 30 years. Dr. Mark Levy was the sole organizer of the program until his retirement this last summer. He founded the program to bring music of the worlds into Eugene, music that can not be heard in Eugene. There are typically 3 to 5 concerts a year given the demand and funding of the series. Since, Dr. Levy’s retirement, Dr. Ed Wolf has been the new director for this program and wishes to promote the series and re-brand the series for survival.

2. What do they do or make – describe the products and services and what makes them unique.

World Music Series is a cultural exchange concert series. The series presents musicians and artist from various cultures around the world in a form of concerts. It strives to be diverse and multicultural. The concerts WMS puts on are usuallynon-western music that the Eugene community have no access to. By bringing in diverse groups of musicians to the World Music Series, the organization helps engage the Eugene community with a sensible cultural exchange through the performing arts.

3. Describe the culture of the organization or company. What is the work environment like – the atmosphere? What is the building like – exterior/interior, architecture, fittings and furniture? How do the employees work together? What are the jobs and roles of individuals? How are they treated by management?

Because the organization is under going new leadership, there is literally one director, and one assistant, me. I meet with my supervisor on a weekly basis. We are brainstorming on development of the series and becoming more media friendly.  In the past the series has always suffered from miss-management in finance, so, this will be our extended priority for now.

The concerts usually takes place in Beall Hall, however, there are times where the musicians will give lecture recitals, and those will take place in the Schnitzer Museum. We are also discussing incorporating other halls and venues on campus.


4. Who is the targeted audience? What are their demographics?

World Music Series would like to involve the students on campus, and to our immediate Eugene community. So far, our research shows in the past, the target audiences various from community members that knows of the series. This is a area that needs attention and research.

5. What is the organization or company mission statement?

This is a working progress. Because there is a huge lack in organizational construction from the past. There is a sense of what the vision and the mission is, but not spelled out in print. My brief discussion with my supervisor is that he envisions to have full concert seating for this season, and hopes to diversify and distinguish the series from Oregon Bach Festival and Chamber Music@ Beall.  World Music Series wants to be unique and one of a kind.

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