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Brand Awareness Studies

I was looking at new backpacks and wondered to Chrome’s website. I like how strong and vivid the logo is, really corresponds to their product. Especially the “powerful” image they identify their products with. The black color reminds me of the material they use

I really like the clean lines and vivid coloring in designs. Ikea’s logo feels modern to me, very simple and easy to recognize. I especially like the oval shape of yellow, reminds me of the globe. As a consumer, the symbolic feel to this design makes me feel at ease that the product they produce are for everyone.

New York Philharmonic is one of the nations top orchestra, and they recently had a logo change. So, I thought I would venture out. This round thing I found is really shocking.. Personally its really ugly, and it has no connection to what the flow or the energy, the intangible excess that we normally feel from live music. What is the point of the not half circle? Is it the division line between audience and orchestra? or Conductor and orchestra? The red stick in the middle is pointy and has no persona except it reminds me of what it is being non-negotiable and power divide.

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