Current and Past Editorial Positions

Managing Editor Position:

Economic Inquiry (2012-)

Associate Editor Positions:

 Maritime Policy and Management (2012-)

Journal of the Transportation Research Forum (2009-)

Guest/Co-Editor Editor Positions:

Maritime Policy and Management (2012-13)

  1.  Special Issue: A Symposium Commemorating 40 Years of Maritime Research (2012-13)

Special Issues of the Review of Industrial Organization

  1. The 125th Anniversary of the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 (2012-3)
  2. The Staggers Act at 35: Railroad Economics and Regulation (forthcoming, 2014-6)
  3. Structural Modeling in Industrial Organization (in progress, 2015-)

Editorial Board Positions:

Transportation Policy (2007-_

Maritime Policy and Management (2009-11)

 Advances in Airline Economics, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. (2013-5)

 Agribusiness: An International Journal (1998-2001)

Journal of Regulatory Economics (2016-)

Review of Industrial Organization (2007-)


Book Co-Editor Positions 

Advances in Airline Economics, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd (2015-).

Handbook of International Trade and Transportation (in progress, 2015-)