UO + UW Joint Training at Summit Wushu Academy

Over the weekend, our team and the UW Wushu Team headed over to Summit Wushu Academy to do a Joint Training, where our beginners, intermediates, and our more advanced members got to learn from some of the best coaches in Oregon.

We all learned and grew from this, and hope to do it again next year!

2018 Fall Term

This Fall Term, we had over a dozen new people join our team, and they’re progressing at a remarkable rate.

They’re currently learning five-stance and beginner form- on top of practicing for our upcoming APASU Fall Reception Demo.

Wish them luck!

Update Post (2018-2019)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the inactivity! We’ll be updating the blog regularly starting from now.

For those unaware, we’ve had a change in management, and have new officers for the 2018-2019 school year, and the updated officer list can be found here.

Also, as an aside, we got a new sticker design (Below) from UO’s very own Summer Nguyen. Check out her art!


Caleb Trinidad