Become An Associate

Who are the Writing Associates?

Writing Associates are advanced English majors and Honors College affiliated English majors who have been recognized for their excellence as writers and critical thinkers. 

Learn about one student’s experience as a Writing Associate:

The Highlight of My Senior Year






What is the application process?

Each winter, students who will attain a junior or senior standing by the start of the following academic year are invited to apply to the program based on their performance in English classes and faculty recommendation.

Students participate in an interview and submit a dossier that includes a writing sample from a UO English course, a reflective essay on their writing, and a statement of purpose. These dossiers and interviews are evaluated competitively to select the new cohort of associates.


How does the program work?

The following fall term, Writing Associates enroll in WR 312: Principals of Tutoring, a credit-bearing course that introduces Associates-in-training to the ethics of tutoring writing, practical tutoring techniques, and theories of teaching.

Upon successful completion of WR 312, trained Associates are invited to enroll in a variable-credit internship, which places them as tutors in our program.

The internship is paired with a co-requisite, variable-credit course that supports their work as tutors and provides professional development activities targeted to enhance their individual, professional, and educational goals.

Writing Associates may participate in the program for as many terms as they remain eligible and desire to continue.


How can I become a Writing Associate?


Questions? Contact Dr. Kate Myers, Director of Writing Associates,