Welcome to the graduate program at the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance.

When you arrive in town, please stop by the Music Graduate Office in Room 219A of the Frohnmayer Music Building. Dr. Leslie Straka (Director of Graduate Studies) and Grace Ho (Professional Development and Academic Advisor) are eager to meet you and welcome you to the University of Oregon.

Orientation (Week of Welcome or WOW)—REQUIRED ATTENDANCE

September 23–28. Week of Welcome (WOW) events include Graduate Entrance Exams (GEE), meetings, orientation sessions, auditions for studio and ensemble placement, advising sessions, and more. International Student Orientation begins during the week before WOW.

Graduate Entrance Exams in Music Theory and History

The Graduate Entrance Exams (GEE) are mandatory for all incoming music graduate students. Exam results will be available by the end of WOW. The outcome of these exams determines whether graduate music students may register for graduate-level music history and theory courses or if subsequent courses will be required to meet the GEE proficiency requirement. These examinations are administered before each fall term during Week of Welcome. All students are required to either pass the GEE or pass required remedial coursework in order to meet the GEE proficiency requirement. Students who fail to pass the GEE or pass required remedial undergraduate coursework by the end of Fall term in their second year will be dismissed from the program.

Students who fail the GEE in Music Theory and/or Aural Skills (i.e., earn a score of less than 70%) will be required to take either the undergraduate theory placement exam, the undergraduate aural skills placement exam, or both. Based on the results of the placement exam(s), students will be required to take the appropriate undergraduate music theory and/or aural skills courses in order to meet the GEE proficiency level.

Students scoring between 50–69% on the Music History portion of the GEE will be required to take an additional music history survey course from the MUS 660–665 series (in addition to any MUS 660-665 courses required for the degree). Based on the test results and demonstrated areas of weakness, the musicology faculty will determine one to two of the survey courses to be taken by the student. Students scoring below 50% on the Music History portion of the Graduate Entrance Exam will be required to take MUS 267, 268, and 269.

Study Guide for Graduate Entrance Exam


We strongly recommend for new students to wait until WOW—after you have received results from the Graduate Entrance Exams and studio and ensemble placement auditions—to decide the exact courses to register for in Fall term. However, if you are required to take MUS 611 Research Methods, we recommend that you register for this class sooner rather than later since it tends to fill up quickly.

Students should work with their faculty advisors to determine what courses to take based on requirements for the degree. Information regarding faculty advisors can be found here

To view degree requirements, please look over the degree checklist for your program:

Music Master’s Degree Checklists

Music Doctoral Degree Checklists

The University of Oregon has minimum enrollment policies for graduate students, and specific requirements for doctoral students and GEs. Please review these policies on the UO Graduate School website.

Your UO ID number and PAC

By now, you should have received admission information from the UO Office of Admissions that includes your UO ID number (a 9-digit number that begins 95x-xx-xxxx) and a PAC (Personal Access Code). These two items will allow you to log on to DuckWeb. If you did not receive this notification, please contact the UO Office of the Registrar at


The DuckWeb login website is:

For first-time users:

Use the UO ID and initial PAC provided to you by the University of Oregon. When you log onto DuckWeb for the first time, you will be prompted to select a new PAC and activate a security question that will help you manage your DuckWeb account. Once you’ve logged in, take some time to look at all of the features.

As a student, you will use DuckWeb to:

  • Update your mailing address
  • Check your student billing account
  • Register for classes
  • View grades
Computers & E-Mail

Each UO student is given a email address. Please note: Email is the official form of communication from the University and the Music Graduate Office. It is mandatory that all UO students use the UO email account provided for them.

Information about setting up your UO email is on the UO Information Technology website.


Your UO ID is a 9-digit number that you must use to log onto DuckWeb. Your Duck ID is your e-mail username (what comes before the @) and is used for email, Canvas, and Wi-Fi connection.

UO ID Card

At the University of Oregon, the UO ID card is the official identification card for students, faculty, and staff. You will use it to check out books at the library, gain access to the student rec center, pay for printing in the library and computer lab, and ride free on LTD buses.

For more information, please visit the UO Card Office website.


Your student account is viewable on DuckWeb and is administered by the Business Affairs Office in Thompson University Center. Please take time to visit the following website:

The UO Business Affairs Office offers “Emergency Loans” of up to $300 per term.  These loans provide support for that in-between time when you need cash to buy books or cover moving expenses but have not yet received your first paycheck or financial aid payment. For more information, visit:

Additional information concerning finances may be found on the UO Graduate School’s website under “Funding & Awards:”

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