Greetings from the School of Music and Dance (SOMD)!  The beginning of the school year is quickly approaching, and we have designed this blog to help guide you through the upcoming SOMD Week of Welcome (WOW) activities and, if necessary, the music major registration process.


Undergraduate Music Office (121A)

Michael Grose is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, and Margaret Stanny is serving as Academic Advisor for all undergraduate music majors.  If you have questions regarding your registration, academic requirements, or music scholarship, contact the Music Undergraduate Office.  We are also a resource for information concerning campus-wide services and events.  If we may be of assistance, never hesitate to let us know. Email us at


Early Move-In

Please note that the SOMD begins its activities three days earlier than the rest of campus. In order to sign up for ensemble auditions, studio placement auditions, and music placement exams, all music students must be on campus by no later than Tuesday, September 24th. To accommodate this schedule, students who will be living in the Performing Arts Collective (PAC) Academic Residential Community (ARC) will automatically be scheduled and approved for early move-in on Tuesday, September 24th. Music majors living in all other UO residence halls will need to request early access to their rooms via the UO housing portal by early September.  The Change In Arrival Request Form will be available made available in that portal after students have received room assignments from UO Housing in mid-August.  For more information, see this page.  On the request form, you can indicate the reason for early move-in is mandatory School of Music & Dance Week of Welcome activities, including auditions and orientation sessions.

Early arrival does incur an additional charge based on the daily room rate, which may be partially offset by participating in Unpack The Quack — a move-in volunteer program.  More information about this option is included on the Additional Important Info page.


University Orientation

If you are new to the UO and did not attend IntroDUCKtion this summer, you must register for and attend the University’s Week of Welcome (WOW) orientation, beginning the morning of Friday, September 27th.  For additional information, visit the UO Student Orientation Programs website.

(Note:  the University’s Week of Welcome dates differ from the School of Music & Dance’s Week of Welcome dates for fall 2019.)

Incoming international students must register for and attend an International Student Orientation (ISO), which begins September 19-24th, the week prior to the University’s WOW.  More details about ISO may be found on the International Affairs website.


Mandatory Music Major Orientation

All incoming undergraduate music majors — including those who attended a music advising session during IntroDUCKtion — must attend a mandatory music major orientation, which will take place on Wednesday, September 25th from 1:30-2:30 PM in Beall Hall.  During this session, students will review music curriculum requirements, learn additional important information about SOMD and campus resources, and receive their Music Student ID cards.


Week of Welcome Music Major Advising

Incoming music majors who are new to the University of Oregon and did not attend IntroDUCKtion are required to attend a major advising session, which will be held  Thursday, September 26th, from 9:00 – 10:30 AM for incoming freshmen and 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM for incoming transfer students, in Rm. 219B.  At this session, students will receive registration advising and register for fall term classes.


For Students in Oregon Marching Band (OMB)*

As you plan your Week of Welcome schedule, you may notice that some mandatory music major events conflict with your Oregon Marching Band schedule.  Please be aware that all mandatory music major events are required.  You will therefore be expected to reconcile your schedule to allow you to attend all of these events.  In most cases, this will necessitate that you request an excuse from Dr. Wiltshire and/or your section leader.

Other Required Music WOW Events

Other Music WOW events are either mandatory, recommended, or optional according to major plan, primary instrument, or incoming student status.  To see which events apply in your case, please see below and plan accordingly.


Ensemble Auditions See this page for more information.
Saxophone Workshop Mandatory for all students whose primary instrument is saxophone; see this page for more information.
Jazz Meeting Mandatory for all students admitted to the Jazz Studies major; see this page for more information.
Performing Artists Collective Dessert Social Mandatory for all students in the Performing Artists Collective Academic Residential Community (ARC); see this page for more information.
Music Core Placement Exam in Theory, Aural Skills, Keyboard Skills Mandatory for all incoming transfer students with prior college-level musicianship coursework; see this page for more information.
Studio Placement Auditions Mandatory for all students incoming students whose primary instrument is percussion, piano (level 171 and higher) or voice, as well as all incoming string students who did not perform a live audition; see this page for more information.

 * Mandatory means required. For students in Oregon Marching Band, please see OMB note above.




Careers in Music Workshop Strongly recommended for all students; see this page for more information.
Music Education & NAFME Interest Session Strongly recommended for all students interested in the Music Education major; see this page for more information.



Music Core Placement Exam in Theory, Aural Skills Optional for incoming freshmen or transfer students with no prior college-level musicianship coursework; see this page for more information.
Honors Keyboard Skills Auditions Encouraged for students with a background in piano; see this page for more information.


Additional Important Information

See Additional Important Information for Incoming Undergraduate Music Majors for information about:

  • UO Email
  • Canvas: Music Majors
  • Course Materials
  • Unpack the Quack
  • Getting Situated at the School
  • Campus-Wide Week of Welcome Events
  • Music Peer Advising and Academic Advising
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