Ensemble Auditions

Information about audition times, sign-up, and what to prepare may be found on the Ensemble Audition page of the SOMD website.  Should audition information specific to your instrument not yet be posted, please check back or contact studio faculty directly.

Studio Placement Auditions & Saxophone Workshop

Studio assignment placement auditions are required for all  incoming percussion, piano (level 171 and higher)and voice students, as well as all incoming string students who did not perform a live audition for the faculty.  Times are indicated below.

Friday, September 27th 12:00PM-1:00PM Rm. 190 For details about what to prepare, contact the appropriate faculty member at https://music.uoregon.edu/directory
Wednesday, September 25th 10:00AM-1:30PM Rm. 190

Studio placement auditions will coincide with ensemble auditions.  Sign up at https://music.uoregon.edu/ensembleauditions

New students:  Prepare one piece each on snare, timpani, and marimba.

Returning students:  Play repertoire you have been working on over summer.

Friday, September 27th 10:00AM-1:00PM Beall Hall

10:00AM – 12:00 PM:  Non-music majors .  Contact Michelle Sulaiman at msulaim5@uoregon.edu  to sign up for a time or for questions about what to prepare.

12:00PM – 1:00PM:  Incoming students who sent in their initial admission audition via video having a required in-person audition, also continuing students who need to re-take juries.  Contact Dr. Dossin with any questions.

Incoming music majors placed at MUP 141 or higher do not need to re-audition.  Questions about placement can be directed to Dr. Dossin.

Friday, September 27th 1:30PM-3:30PM Rm. 190

Mandatory for all incoming and returning music majors whose primary instrument is saxophone.

All students: For details about what to prepare, please contact the Music Undergraduate Academic Advisor or Dr. Shner, whose contact information may be found at music.uoregon.edu/people/faculty.

Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass: Friday, September 27th 10:00AM-11:30AM Rm. 140

During WOW, sign-up sheets will be located outside Room 263.

All students who have been placed with a teacher do NOT have to audition. These auditions are for students who have NOT been placed with a teacher yet.

Non-majors:  Students auditioning for level placement (in studio instruction) as non-music majors must perform a selection that demonstrates their current level of ability plus a scale (preferably 3 octaves).

Majors:  Students performing their live audition must prepare as outlined in audition requirements for admission (see http://pages.uoregon.edu/music/admission/docs/AudRequireCurrent_UG.pdf for undergraduate or http://pages.uoregon.edu/music/admission/docs/AudRequireCurrent_Grad.pdf for graduate.

Wednesday, September 25th 10:00AM-1:00PM Beall Hall

During WOW, a sign-up sheet will be located outside Room 127.

Perform one song for the voice faculty; a pianist will be provided.  It is fine to perform one of the songs performed at your original SOMD audition.

Friday, September 27th 1:30PM-2:30PM Rm. 167 For details about what to prepare, contact the appropriate faculty member at https://music.uoregon.edu/directory



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