UO Email – Official Communications Channel

At the UO, e-mail is the official form of communication between the department, faculty, staff, and students. It is therefore mandatory that all UO students use the UO email account that they have been provided.  Because your UO e-mail will become your primary student contact while you are at the UO, please check it frequently.  For information about managing your UO e-mail account, see the Duck ID self-service page at https://duckid.uoregon.edu.


Canvas: Music Majors

Before WOW begins, all music majors will be enrolled in a Canvas advising website for Music Majors (Canvas: Music Majors).  This site contains vital information for all music majors (e.g., links to forms, in-depth advising information for all music majors, resources across campus and beyond).  Plan to visit and utilize the site regularly!


Practice Room Reservations

Music majors may reserve up to ten hours per week in designated practice rooms located throughout the Music building.  Initial practice room sign-up for all incoming music majors will begin Wednesday, September 19th and will take place in the Bailey Lounge.


Getting Situated at the School

Information about other important things to which to attend, such as lockers, music student ID cards, proximity and classroom access, computers and printers is provided on the Info for All Students page.


Course Materials

Course materials can be purchased at The Duck Store (895 East 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401) or ordered online through The Duck Store: http://www.uoduckstore.com/book-search


Unpack The Quack (for students living in Residence Halls)

You are welcome and encouraged to participate in Unpack the Quack, which is a volunteer program to help students move in on September 20th.  Volunteering for Unpack the Quack will give you a one-night housing credit toward the cost of arriving early.  If after you have plotted your own personal schedule for Thursday day and feel that you would have 2 hours to spare for volunteering, you can sign up online at  http://unpackthequack.uoregon.edu.

For students in the Community for Musical Scholars ARC, please make sure you answer the following questions as indicated below.  This will ensure that you will assigned to help students in your hall or one very close by!

Are you a University of Oregon student, staff, or faculty?


UO Organization


If you are part of an Academic Residential Community, please indicate the community:

Community for Musical Scholars


Freshman Convocation

The University Convocation ceremony will take place at the Memorial Quadrangle in front of the Knight Library on Sunday, September 23th beginning at 3:30 PM. More information about this and other campus-wide WOW events may be found here.


Music Peer Advisors

Undergraduate Music Peer Advisors (listed below) are an excellent resource for assistance with registration, general education requirements, music study tips, navigating online music advising resources, and more. Peer advisors will be assisting with WOW orientation sessions and will be offering drop-in and scheduled advising hours throughout the week.

Jon Caponetto Marjorie Sheiman Juan Valdez
jonc@uoregon.edu marjorie@uoregon.edu juanv@uoregon.edu


Music Undergraduate Academic Advising

On Thursday and Friday, September 20th and 21st, one-to-one music major advising will be available to all incoming students during the following times:


Thursday, September 20

9:00-11:00 AM

3:00-4:00 PM

Friday, September 21

9:00-11:00 AM

2:00-4:00 PM

In addition, Music Peer Advisors will be available during these times for advising in the Foo Lounge.  Beginning September 18th, sign-up sheets for these one-to-one advising sessions will be posted on the 219A office door.



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