Lab Members


Cathy Y. Wong (
B.Sc. (Biological Chemistry) McMaster University
Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) University of Toronto
Postdoc (Physical Chemistry) University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Students

Kelly Wilson (
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Brigham Young University – Idaho
I am from American Fork, UT and grew up in a family that encouraged strong values, education and the sciences. I became particularly fascinated with chemistry in junior high and high school because I enjoyed the challenge of learning how everything around me is made and it works together. I received my BSc in 2014 from Brigham Young University – Idaho where I became interested physical chemistry (the perfect combination of math, physics and chemistry). My hobbies include playing the piano, tinkering with electronics, programming, doing math in my head, and most importantly strengthening my faith and spending time with my wife and children.
Morgan Sosa (
B.Sc. (Chemistry and Biophysics) University of Washington
I grew up in a small town outside of Seattle, WA, where I attended Tacoma Community College before moving on to the University of Washington in Seattle (Go Huskies!). While at TCC I discovered a natural love for chemistry and physics which pushed me to pursue a degree in both at UW. I love the challenge of developing new insight into how our world works.
My hobbies include spending time with my partner and our dog, catering to our cat’s every whim, doing crafting things, watching fun math youtube videos, playing video games, and reading. If you have hexaflexagons we will be good friends.
James Sadighian (
B.Sc. (Biochemistry) George Mason University
M.Sc. (Chemistry) George Mason University
Originating from the mean streets of suburban Alexandria, Virginia, James “Hey!, how’d he get on the stage?!?” Sadighian’s first claim to fame was attending “that high school from that Disney movie” (T.C. Williams). Following his brief encounter with stardom, James got into the field of Chemistry for the fame, glory, and money. He traveled up and down Virginia before being signed to George Mason University and dropping his first mixtape “Degree in Biochemistry.” He immediately followed it up with his first studio hit, “Quantitation of Pharmaceuticals in Sewage” for which he was surprisingly awarded a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. Having conquered the East Coast game, James decided to try his luck in the West Coast scene where he signed with the University of Oregon, and the rest, as they say, is history.In his free time, James is enthusiastic about all things camo and/or CrossFit related, and enjoying Oregon’s “great outdoors” that he’s heard so much about.
Michael Crawford (
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Illinois State University
Michael grew up in central Illinois and has fostered a fascination with math and chemistry since his high school days. After completing his B.Sc. in Chemistry with a math minor at Illinois State Universtiy (Go Redbirds!), he decided to pursue a Ph. D. in physical chemistry here at the University of Oregon. In his spare time, he enjoys playing strategy and tycoon video games, and watching other people do so.
Zach Walbrun (
B.Sc. (Chemistry and Mathematics) University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
I am from Appleton, Wisconsin and have enjoyed the puzzles of chemistry and mathematics since the early days of high school. As time went on, this was fostered into a passion for teaching, already holding chemistry review sessions in high school. This was developed further into a love for not only teaching, but enjoying learning chemistry, and now asking the questions! I attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (GO BLUGOLDS!) and completed my B.Sc. in both chemistry and mathematics. I also participated in choir, one of my other passions, for many years throughout high school and undergrad. In my free time, I can be found hiking, biking, taking spontaneous road trips, typing up notes on LaTeX or enjoying the latest game Nintendo has to offer.

Undergraduate Students

Madi Scott (
I am an Oregon native with an indefatigable enthusiasm for chemistry. At the University of Oregon, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry through the Robert D. Clark Honors College. The complexity of the natural world captives me. With the development of my academic capabilities, I am excited to use scientific theories and models (filled with all sorts of mathematical entertainment) as vehicles to explain everyday phenomena. In my free time, I enjoy running long distances in Oregon’s moody weather, biking parallel to the Willamette River, strumming the guitar (with mediocre skill), and indulging in a science-related nonfiction book.
Marty Gruber (
I’m from Southern California and have had a passion for science for as long as I can remember. I graduated from Sage Hill School in 2018 and am currently pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry here at UO. In the future, I’d like to use the skills I have developed at UO to continue research to obtain insight surrounding the driving forces and mechanism of certain chemical processes. In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, traveling, and finding the best food in whatever town I’m in.
Sonja Nusser
Sonja is a junior at Churchill High School and has been taking General Chemistry at the University of Oregon for the past year. She grew up in Eugene, is extremely passionate about science and mathematics, and wants to work in chemistry research someday. In her spare time Sonja plays percussion and vibraphone, participates in her school’s student unions, and experiments with cooking and baking.

Undergraduate Alumni

Grant Hall
Emma Waddington
Lab Technician/Research Assistant at Specific Diagnostics in Mountain View, CA.
Sam Reul
Rima Pandit