President – Angie Michaiel

Angie started WiN because she believes that the scientific process and scientific culture can benefit from supporting groups that are underrepresented at advanced career stages. In providing more support, groups like WiN help individuals to feel like they belong in science. Angie is currently a graduate student in Cris Niell’s lab where she is studying visual circuit function and its modulation by behavioral state. Outside of lab she spends time painting, traveling, and playing with her dog.


Vice President – Rachel Lukowicz

Rachel joined WiN because she has a commitment and passion for making science accessible and inclusive. Currently, Rachel is a graduate student in the lab of Adam Miller, where she is studying the development of electrical synapses and how they contribute to neural circuit formation and function. Beyond the lab, she enjoys watching baseball, traveling, and tweeting about science.


Secretary – Emily Heckman

Emily joined WiN because the group’s gender equity initiatives are important for improving the science climate for current and future scientists. She is a graduate student in Chris Doe’s lab studying the genes that promote the establishment and maintenance of synapses. Outside of science, she enjoys hiking, knitting, and rock climbing.


Treasurer – Sarah Beyeler

Sarah is committed to creating inclusive science environment and promoting diversity in science, which is why she joined WiN. Currently, Sarah is a 2nd year UO Biology graduate student working in Dr. Adrianne Huxtable’s Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology lab, where Sarah is investigating the role of glia in modulating the respiratory control network. Outside of research Sarah enjoys playing with her cat, and reading Harry Potter or watching Star Trek The Next Generation over and over again.


Newsletter Co-Editor – Abbey Lasseigne

Abbey joined WiN because several “Women in Science” initiatives have shaped her scientific trajectory, and she wanted the opportunity to influence and support other young females in science. She is currently a graduate student in Adam Miller’s lab studying the development of electrical synapses. She is interested in developmental biology, science communication, and science writing. Beyond science, she enjoys baking, yoga, and drinking coffee.


Newsletter Co-Editor – Mandi Severson

Mandi joined WiN because she is passionate about discussing and spreading awareness of the barriers that underrepresented groups in science face. She is the lab manager in Cris Niell’s lab and is currently studying the effect of environmental enrichment on visual processing and behavior in mice. Outside of the lab, she likes to hike, play guitar, and play Pokémon Go (gotta catch ‘em all).