The Wrath of Saban

If I were Nick Saban, the head football coach of the number one ranked team in the nation I would have given this reporter a similar response. It is obvious that the questions asked by this particular reporter are never relevant to the team. It didn’t seem so much to be the question in the end, but actually whom it was coming from. Additionally, if the reporter had put some context on the question rather than just asking what he thinks maybe Saban could have produced an appropriate response.

As a sports reporter that spends time in many media rooms, when the time comes every one in the room is overwhelmed hoping to get the quote they are looking for or the sound bite that will make their story one of the best out there. It can become very frustrating when people start asking irrelevant questions when people in the room have a deadline to turn in their story. The last thing anyone has time for is the idiot in the corner asking questions that have no depth or story behind them.

The most important thing for any reporter is to create a relationship with the coaches and athletes beyond that of just someone looking for a story. By asking the coach upsetting questions this particular reporter is never going to get an answer that he is looking for because the people he is interviewing have no respect for him.





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